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June 24th, 2006 by pet

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I don’t think there is much of anything in the middle east to think of as civilized or humane…… Pretty much all of the leaders, have kowtowed to the isloscum, (as if they ever had a humane thought to start with). Read the rest of this entry »

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Fit The Crime

February 22nd, 2006 by pet

I’ve only posted here a couple of times before.
I am usually a rather quiet person, although I’ve seem more than my share of things that upset most rational folks.
I’m afraid this ….for brains judge has gone a bit over the edge on the ruling in the case of morales…..(no I did NOT capitalize his name here…That would show too much in the way of respect.)
There are many old sayings that come to mind, and numerous quotes, (as in Pets post).
My feelings are quite simple, direct, and quite justified, under any “Civilized” rule….

If a prospective gang member picks a victim at random, and kills him/her to satisfy an initiation requirement……should we worry about “cruel and unusual punishment”??

If a person(s) use an explosive device to kill/main “innocent” people, women, kids, fathers, sons, daughters, friends……. In a mall to show their political feelings, to, in their minds, prove a point…. . Should we worry about “cruel and unusual punishment”…..?

If a police officer saw a man “stabbing” a 17 year old girl, while attempting (or succeeding) to rape her, and shot the bastard in the groin….would that be “cruel and unusual punishment”???? Or if her FATHER saw it, and did the same, would THAT be a bad thing?????

The Great State of California, as have many others, have decided that the process of “lethal injection” is the most “humane” way to eliminate the perpetrator of a “Capital” crime……

Personally, I think the old fashioned “Firing Squad”, is preferable, for the simple reason that at least one of the “squad” is shooting a BLANK, and no one knows who has it….a way out in your head if you are a member of the squad….

In ANY case, “The Death Penalty” (in any way short of torture>>>> and Sometimes, I would allow even that)…….FITS THE CRIME!!!!!!!!!!

This mis-appointed judge should be REMOVED from the bench and forced to visit the family of the victims of such atrocities, within 24 hrs after they are killed/mutilated by
The people he is worried about, (the perpetrators)….and to be made to do so for at LEAST the next twenty or thirty such crimes committed in his jurisdiction…..
(NOT TO MENTION getting his HONEST thoughts on “What if it was HIS daughter”!!!!!!!!!

In this case…..the Governor is not only right, but should kick this jerk from here to breakfast (yea, I think he could), BEFORE removing him from the bench…………

Just the thoughts of an Honest AMERICAN


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John On Deadly Force

January 15th, 2006 by pet

For those of you who lack knowledge in the areas of firearms,swat responsibilities,and in pure self defense.

In this silly world of ours, many Police force’s have “familiarization” CLASSES to try to help officers tell a lethal weapon from a harmless imitation…..Since the imitations are made to look as “realistic” as possible, this is hard to do under the best of circumstances, let alone when one is “brought to bear”, on you in a “confrontation”!!!
To tell the truth, no cop will shoot a 5 yr old with a gun…. if it’s a 15 yr old, I doubt if I’d even consider that it might be anything in his hand other than a “lethal” weapon, and “Act Accordingly”……. I for one, do not feel like making a mistake like that, and “waking up dead”.

1. A pellet gun is or can be a “lethal” weapon !!!
If in fact the pistol carried by the 15 yr old boy, was a “pellet” gun as defined in the
world of firearms, you must know that the projectile normally fired, is similar in size to a .22 caliber bullet., It is normally “pointed”, and is VERY capable of penetrating the skin, putting out eyes, and if fired at close range, and hitting a “soft area”, it can (and has many times), “KILL”. It IS considered a “Lethal” weapon, at close range by anyone familiar with weapons, and is used daily to kill “varmints”.

2. A SWAT team is a select group of people, chosen because they exhibit “superb”, courage, self control, skill, in circumstances which put “them” and others in extreme danger….in other words, they can be trusted as much as any man around, to THINK, and make a “rational”, judgement call, as to the use of Deadly Force, in the split second, usually available to them to do so…..

3. ANY law enforcement officer (or Military member), knows when he, she takes the job, that they may well put themselves in harms way, to defend “”You”"…..the 1,100 kids, the teachers, the cafeteria workers, etc etc etc…..

4. Be advised…. If any trained person is confronted with a “pellet” gun at close range, and is armed, they will “Shoot”….. They are there to “Protect” us….not commit voluntary suicide.

5. Those of you who think otherwise, lack either knowledge or common sense. A “COP” is in the same position as a GI I do NOT expect any Man or Woman, who is defending my rights, to commit suicide…… That’s why we arm them.

6. I CERTAINLY don’t advocate the use of “Deadly Force”, if it’s not deemed necessary……I have kids too, and grandkids also…..But it’s seldom that these trained people make a bad call.

7. If you were there, in the same position, under the same circumstances, having that weapon pointed at you, by who the heck ever…’d either shoot, or cry, and get shot,wounded, killed…..depending on your level of intelligence.

8. I am sorry the young man was killed…..and sorry for the way the Lt. must feel….but I don’t know a single man I served with in the US ARMY, who would not have done the same…… I would have, because I “Had to”…

I thank each and every member of our Police Departments for their service. Protecting “Us”, for harm, and putting themselves in harms way, many times a day….
God Bless them ALL!

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