Bad Kitties Chaos Festival Butterfangs And Roses

August 26th, 2007 by megan

Let’s Get This Party Started!

As many of you know our friend Mz. Pet is in the hospital recovering from a spinal fusion surgery. We Bad Kitty Cats have CatJacked her blog and will be the source our your Chaos this evening, along with the Bengal Brats! Are you singing? Do you know the theme song yet? And speaking of Themes… this week we decided on Flowers or Butterflies, however as you all know it is optional!

What is the purpose of the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos? Well it’s the most important thing on earth now… KITTY CATS! And to meet some new friends, look in on old friends and have some Bad Kitty Fun. Now what are the Bengal Brats up to while Mama is walking her loops? Well, sad to say they ate all Pet’s lovely Flowers, but have let the Butterfly Invasion begin! Here they are waiting for everyone to come to the Festival. Shall we begin?

Bad Kitties Bad Kitties Whatcha Gonnnnnna Do UH! They’re Coming!

Our first entry and in random chaotic order, we don’t actually see any flowers or butterflies but we are certain a few have been smashed by one of these scary beasts.

Tigger looks most excellent as the new ManCat Jeep Spokeskitty. It is a must to go visit Life from a Cat’s Perspective and find out what is happening. We have rumors of a woofie and some beans visiting recently too.

We do believe though that murdering a harmless, butterfly could get you thrown in jail. Of course it is also rumored that butterflies actually are poisonous and bite and can sting. We say smash the winged fanged creatures.

Mini may have already done so as she is sporting her new Mini Mugshot. It could be that the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats Crew may need some help with bail, depending on the charges against Mini.

We wonder what charges would be given if a certain pair of Kitty Cats decided to eat the human dinner of one Happy Couple of 24 years.

China Cat and Willow have found a grouping of lovely roses for their Anniversary Dinner. Maybe that’s not right, better go check out Sammawow Place and get the right taste of things.

Oh it’s snack time everyone… and one Bengal Brat who shall remain nameless, because I still can not tell them apart, has stolen the only food left for Pet’s dear Husbandman TMOTU. But its isn’t a flower or butterfly, however we do see some of the creatures trying to help. Look how the flock around, run Kitty RUN!

They Come To Destroy! Bad Butterflies Bad. They Need A Smack Down!

Rosie is discovering her new world around her and having some excellent fun in the process. Kittens under 12 months are immune to jail time because they Just To Cute Like Rosie. We should all go find out what new things are discovered at Gattinas Place.

Speaking of Cute have you ever met a Chinchilla Kitten? We are glad to Meet Stictches and welcome to the Festival! It is a good talent Stitches has helping her Mama Tina over at Country Stichin’. Stop in and say hello to our bnew friends.

And while we are on cute, even though we know they are Bad when they are, we meet up with Sigyn On Feline Friday. It appears she has been stalking something and it just very well may be an evil butterfangfly. Maybe you should decide for yourself and go see her at Dolphin’s Dock.

It would not be a Festival of Chaos if we didn’t stop in and see what is happening from the Mind of Mog. Our friend has just as many kitty cats as we are and we do not know how she keeps her sanity. Probably should take an example and just find a Cool Spot. Maybe smash some butterflies or flowers too? We think this is a perfect place of rest over at iInfidel.

If the Kitties are not inside they are Outside Like Meowza. Some flowers are missing from this post, but we assure you Meowza Must Be Innocent. Find out what is happening with this pawfull over at the new iMeowza Blog.

As always Mog has our purrs and prayers while she is battling the board of Disability Humans. We can’t blame her for feeling a bit Off Lately and we find a naughty kitty over at Mind of Mog. Is that Izzy?

More purrs please! Even though the time has passed for prayer and thoughts, we are still keeping everyone at The Cat Realm in our hearts.


Speaking of Hearts, it seems some Kitty, who shall be named, Othello, is hunting for flowers for his lovely sweet friend. While Kashim makes sure the Bad Kitty Cat Festival Of Chaos Theme Song is sung correctly, does Othello find some flowers? Drop in The Cat Boys Realm and see if Gree will have a nice pretty rose or not. Bad Kitties Bad Kitties, well if you have not noticed, Kashim has certainly created our Theme Song and now it is stuck in our heads forver! But we LOVE it!

Attack And Destroy They Are On My Toys Eating My Fev-Vers!

We don’t believe everything we see sometimes, and even I would not have thought this was possible. Mouse and Kosmo have become Cuddle Buddies. Are we dreaming or did we see right? Maybe you should see for yourself over at Cassie’s Place - This, That & The Other Thing. Technology will show the proof in this slide show of the two furbabies.

Speaking of Technology and Gadgets and Gizmos, SBPoet shares a new kitty, The Orange Cat in their household. I am serious now, you will not believe me so go check out this cute Orange Kitty at Watermark and see if it’s real or not!

We were not sure if Farmgirl’s Kitty Cat was real or not either, until we visited The Kitchen Mage to find out. It appears, even under glass and not screen, that FarmGirl does have a breathing and living Virtual Cat who is considered a Whack Job. Don’t believe us? Heh! Well well, we are Bad but not always fib tellers.

Darcy X is back from SpaLand and in fine hunting form but it isn’t Butterflies. Thingpoddy seems to be a great place to locate Black Squirrel Cults. Should we believe the madness that is abundant at Catymology? I should think so, because we have heard it to be true. It’s possible you just may need to study up as well and find all the details. We wonder if Black Squirrels are any good at hunting Butterflies?

We Need Some Black Squirrels, The Butterflies Are EveryWhere!

One thing we do believe is our eyes when we behold this beauty. Amar has transformed and created magic with Luna in Stained Glass 2007. We hope our friends are having a great week, as things were becoming heated and stress lately, but hey remember Kitty Cats Are A Sign Of Prosperity and we can find so many beautiful Photographs at CatSynth.Com.

Speaking of Prosperity, we do not find one single ButterFang at Bonnie Underfoot and Victor TabbyCat’s Place. What we do find is some great Snuggles and they are filled with the Best Flower, KittyCat Nip! Even Bonnie was excited and now you have to see that for sure! :SPINS!:

It is a rare day when we find one kitty cat who is immune to Kitty Nip, but Cheysuli is Thankful on Thursday, because without the KittyStoner Opportunity some things would not have been done and created. What are we talking about? you should definately go over to Chey’s place and find out because the nip exploded here earlier.

And Nip always brings us back to our favorite second activity. Naps! It seems we have a choice at Manx Mnews of where we want to crash out. Remember the story of Goldilocks? Here is a new twist to this classic with Mr. Jinx, Abby and Boo. Find out the new ending and stop in and see, but we know how this Festival Ends!

Thanks For Coming, See You Next Time… Bad Kitties Bad Kitties UH!

SonnyBob is exhausted from all the Butterfangs and Flower eating from earlier, so he has found his bed, while Mama is away! Pet we miss you and come home soon! Happy Cat Blogging everyone. See all the kitty activities to check out at the end and don’t forget, SnotFace MadChild and Rimbaud Bad Kitty will be hosting the next Festival of Chaos at the Mad Mirror!

Late entries or missed? Email us at badkittycats(at)gmail(dot)com



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Chaos Festival Butterfly Invasion

August 26th, 2007 by megan

It looks like there has been an invasion of butterflies at Pet’s Place while she is recovering from surgery. Will the Bad Kitty Cats Festival Of Chaos make it on time tonite? We shall see!

 Seriously, I (Megan) forgot about a meeting I can not miss attending and will be back hopefully before the time to post the Seventh Edition. If we are late, blame it on Chaos and the Butterflies! We have rounded up and almost finished the Festival and there is still time to get your post in. Drop us a comment here and we will add you when we get those fying winged bugs under control and the Festival up and running! Of course we actually may not be late.

See you around 8 or so. Thanks… megan

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Much Chaos Doeth Abound Here

August 25th, 2007 by megan

WHAT? Is Pet Insane? Handing control over to the human slave for the Bad Kitty Cats for her web sites? Muahhhhhhh… We have promised to be up to no good and much mischief so for this wonderful Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos, we have corrupted The Bengal Brats. They are, as we speak, striking terror in the hearts of those who are at home while Pet Recovers from a successful surgery in peace at the hospital!

It’s Time To Terrorize And Party!
The Optional Theme is Butterfly or Flower and while The Bengal Boys head out to eat Pet’s Roses and Stalk the Butterflies, we shall be waiting in great anticipation for your Submissions!

SonnyBob says get your game on and sing with him!

Send Us Your Bad Kitty Cats Who Are Belong To Us!
We will have the Festival of Chaos with all the wonderful Bab Kitty Cats up and going Sunday evening and maybe before. It is Chaos, who knows what will happen! Drop us a comment here or use the submission form - but just join! It’s still free and easy!

Purrs and Loves from The Bengal Brats and the Bad Kitty Cats and Megan

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