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Oct 03 2006

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The Great Outdoors

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I’ve been debating with the MasterOfTheUniverse for weeks about letting Tigger discover the Great Outdoors.

This morning I decided to take him out with me to the rose err weed bed in front.

Hidden under a mess of thurbergia was the biggest blackest meanest Tom Cat in the world.

This tomcat had packed a lunch and was ready for war…I guess we were intruding on his territory.

Not to be outclassed my Mighty Bengal attempted to climb my leg. Bare with shorts. Yes it’s Florida and hot.

I slowly pulled all the claws out while talking softly. Actually praying no cat would hiss spit or display other charming behavior.
The half acre walk was at least three hundred miles long.

Tigger is back in the house, sleeping the shocked sleep of never land.

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