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I grilled burgers for dinner last night.. I was
planning a in bed picnic….
Burgers, potato salad, deviled eggs, and
strawberry shortcake for desert..
with maybe some random hugs for good measure…

TheMasterOfTheUniverse decided he needed a shower before dinner..
which was great but it was 830 when he decided that!

Tigger and I curled up to play..
Timi was I thought asleep on the couch..

I heard a thud… then silence..
so as a experienced momma, I got upto investigate..
On the kitchen floor was my platter of burgers..
with a chausie kitten in the middle..
going … mauuu mauuu kkeepkeeepkeeep

I was incredibly inpressed of course…

I quick thawed some burgers in the microwave…
can you believe the MasterOfTheUniverse
did not know how to set it for quick thaw..

anyway… more burgers grilled..
The picnic was had..
and Timi the innocent is being carefully watched..

Hunky Dory Where?

Posted by pet | Life | Friday 9 February 2007 9:26 am

So… I have spent some really long freakin hours
quality time this week
with some of my least favorite people..

For tests
To see why everything isn’t quite so dang hunky dory…

The MasterOfTheUniverse has been a champion all thru this…
he did say to me however..
this is like morning sickness that never ends..

It was a potassium deficiency.. probably caused from
the cumadin..

I’m cranky and it’s ok…

I’m allowed

Photo Friday~Sky

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