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Feb 02 2007


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I had not intended to write about the series of tornados that ripped thru our area last night.
I still wonder how anyone could have slept thru the noise of the thunder and the wind.. as the driving rain hit..

I intended to do what we could for the families, and pray..

I have had a number of emails inquiring about our status….

The MasterOfTheUniverse and I were standing at our bedroom window trying vainly to count the strikes of lightening at 3 am ..
It was spooky…Tigger was sitting in the windowsill watching and growling…

We were blessed by protection from God, and we are all ok…

If you wish to help Florida families please consider, donating blood thru the red Cross,
or a cash gift thru the red cross..

Thank you all for your concern…

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Feb 02 2007

Photo Friday~Strange

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