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Sep 08 2007


In The Silence

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Here I am again, Megan. I called Miss Pet and she was not where she should have been. I expected her to be at her home, relaxing and enjoying home-made poptarts and waffles and the joy of a housecleaning husband, and she had disappeared. Where did Pet go?

 Was she out running a thousand mile race? No, she wishes though. Was she smelling beatiful roses, watching the butterflies and kitty cats play? No, she wasn’t even on the property. So then I thought she might be out driving for Nascar, however I watched the Bush Race and did not see the PetCar.

So no races for Pet. My sweet friend happens to be stuck inside isolation in a Florida Hospital, with limited contact with the outside world. It’s a good thing she has a phone and called me. I was beginning to think she went on Vacation is Sardinia.  The infection in her spine has created a serious situation and not to be alarmed, yet of course I am, some prayers would be great.

 So for a while, you will get to see my smiling face instead of Pet. I will keep you updated on what is happening with Mz. Pet and also maybe make some coherent posts as well on topics of interest to the trolls living under my bed and you may find amusing and informative as well.

Pet, we are praying for you and the kitty cats are purring and purring and waiting for the day when you can come back and clean up furballs yucked up on the floor. Everyone else, thanks and I will pass along any messages when I get to speak with Pet. And the prayers and good thoughts help, so if you have a minute, thank you.

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