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Sep 17 2007

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Good Intentions!

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I spent the last few days, on the lane of Good Intentions!

TheMasterOfTheUniverse had a life marking birthday on Friday.
He spent the day caring for me, taking me to see a doctor, and resting from way too much stress.

I intended to throw a party for him, but given the real life issues of IV’s and possible infections, that got put on hold.

I intended to return phone calls to good friends who had called while I was in the hospital and those that simply left messages at home.

The drive along Good Intention lane was cluttered with hazards like husbands that hover asking questions like are you supposed to be doing this?
Medicines that make you go to sleep or being just worn out from three major surgeries in two weeks.

Here is SirWoody and Tigger demonstrating the result of my travel down Good Intention Lane.

Good Intentions

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