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Sep 14 2007

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Doctors And Needles Oh MY!!!!!

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Thanks again to Megan for keeping youall updated..
I am home on IV treatments twice a day for a month to six weeks.
The good news is I’m Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did spend allot of my time in the hospital counting the number of holes in the ceiling
Hospital Isolation is:
1. Scary.
2. Boring.
3. More Scary, when you meet the infectious and bad disease Doctor, who smiles as he twirls his glasses and does not actually come into the room to talk to you.
4. More Boring? Is that possible?

After being released from the isolation jail, I was allowed to wander a bit.

One of the nurses did not think I should go to meet TheMasteroftheUniverse as he arrived at the hospital, and wrote me up.. nope I’m not joking, for leaving the floor against her medical advice…..although the doc had previously told me walk, its good for you!

After the steam quit rolling out of his ears, TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I had some mean giggles…you know the kind….where you snort, and blow snot, because your laughing to hard.

Well, the infection in my spine, is still a very serious concern,so continued prayer is requested. With a heartfelt thank you to all who have been and continue to pray for us….

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