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Sep 13 2007


Doing A Bad Job

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Considering we were entrusted to post here and update and make some noise, we just have to admit, we are bad. I have not been really posting anywhere and I have  a few spots I run my mouth so what has happened to my wordy self?

 Well,I would suppose it could be considered blog depression. So many thoughts, stories and ideas pop into my head but the motivation is not there. It’s not burn out. It’s just a mood. Maybe I am afraid of what might come out on this digital paper.

So once again, I give you a quick update on Pet. I spoke with her a few days ago and will call her tomorrow to check to see if she is home yet. She was at least out of the isolation and able to roam around a bit. The infection is getting better at last call, so I am praying and hoping nothing has gotten worse and only better!

 The Bengal Brats are sorely missing their human and from what I can tell, The Master of the Universe as well. It’s amazing what we take for granted when one of our loved ones must be away for a period of time. I know from my own husbandman off at some Coast Guard CPOA Convention is Vegas, well, it’s just strange around here. But the show must go on.

 Once I call Ms. Pet I will return and update the blog. And try and do a bit better about keeping things moving. Maybe I just need a jumpstart. That could be it, but when I think of all the things I need to be doing, overwhelmed a bit. Maybe that is my problem. Time for a to-do list and prioritize! Aloha!

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