Bengals and Showers

Posted by pet | Life | Thursday 28 June 2007 1:56 pm

Bengal cats have a well let’s just say unique sense of humor.
They are much like 3 yr olds, highly opinionated and needing frequent sources of entertainment.

Tigger for instance despite many flying lessons, still finds great enjoyment in waking me by chewing and tugging on my braid, and of course if some of my neck gets bitten, or an ear Oh well.
Thankfully he has quit biting me on the behind to wake me up.

Sir Woody is the cuddlier and he must be touching us, he insists the only place a Bengal can sleep is in the middle of TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I.
No amount of flying lessons has changed his mind Stubborn.

SonnyBob is the spoiled chowhound, if TheMasterOfTheUniverse is eating it, its fair game to him. Watermelon fine, cantaloupe, yippee! Nachos with hot sauce… goody!
Pepper Jack cheese.. On and on..

But he also likes to play a game with me; I call it Bengal trapped in a shower.Sonnybob

If I am in the bathroom, he leaps into the shower, runs to the front and claws frantically,
While howling as only a Bengal can howl. As if the back side of the shower isn’t open, and he knows darn good and well he is so not trapped! To him it is great fun! Showers

He opens doors while we shower and sometimes will stroll in just to see the water fly.