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Jun 14 2007

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Jun 14 2007

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Here’s a country we should be proud to be doing business with.
Come on America, why not do business with a country that systematically poisons their exports?

Not only do they poison our fur babies food, but ours as well..
Cough medicines poisoned and killed untold numbers in South America.
Not Coughing.. Well hey how bout brushing your teeth?

Be careful of your Toothpaste.
Unless brushing with antifreeze is up there on you’re, I’d like to die list.

Now we learn that children are sold into slavery in china.
Wow. Turnips for food.. Starving children for profit is at best sickening.
At worst, I hope the hottest pits of the lake of fire consume you,
The deepest pits of hell are waiting for you.

We know that China has made a practice of selling body parts,
High bidder gets that kidney, or heart.
How far do we go to ignore the abuses?????????

Shame , dreadful shame..

We have become so used to recalls and abuses that they barely touch our consciousness..

Children, babies, stolen, kidnapped, drugged and forced into slavery.
Yes America should be damn proud to do business with China.

I will be watching for made in America. If I dont find it.. well we dont need it.

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