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Jun 04 2007

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Gentle Reminder

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Just a gentle reminder to get your Showcase Carnival entries
in today, The Master Of Creativity Sir err that would be the RandomYak is hosting this week,
next week the Carnival swings by His Highness Sir Dave’s place at Daves Not Here.

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Jun 04 2007

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A True Story

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I am going to tell you a true story.

It was very very late winter in Montana cold and snowy Frigid.
The tractors with engine heaters wouldn’t start.
Get the idea. Cold, 40 below or better, but still the stock had to be fed. Calving checks went out every hour, new born calves would freeze in this weather so new babies were loaded on calf sleds and hauled in behind a horse, that might or might not object to such treatment. Hopefully the momma would follow but if not, some poor sucker was going to rope and drag her in.

I cannot count the number of new born calves that drank a bottle of Colostrum in my wood room, usually lying close to a wood stove.
When they found their feet to the calving shed they went. If all was well their momma was there to greet them.

The breeding cows and calves were first, the heifers and bull calves in feed lots were next. Hand feeding is time and energy consuming. It was time to feed the bulls, so the ranch hands loaded some sleds with hay bales, I saddled my horse and off we went.

It was maybe 2 miles from the home ranch to the bull range, the hands cut thru the meadow, while I rode the county road to look at fences and phone/electric wires.

I remember thinking that I could save some time riding down a draw that would come to the elk fence and edge thru it. (Fence installed to keep them from eating the cattle’s food.)

I saw the remains of starved mule deer, the snow to deep, food to scarce, they had waited to long to move to lower country and as I rode on the tears froze to my face.

The next spring we found way too many carcasses.

So starving animals are to be pitied, while we recognize this is nature’s way, it is not easy.


People who abandon cats or dogs because they are no longer convenient…. Need some education… humans that allow their animals to starve.

Bullwhips are pretty handy. So are castration tools.

Yes I am angry
I did not choose to take on a momma and 5 babies.

Non the less they will be cared for

Their will be no starving babies at Pet’s garden.

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