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Jun 03 2007

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Irresponsible Animal Owners

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There has been much discussion about a feral momma cat that discovered that we
Leave travelers food on our back porch.

This habit started when “Tommy” the hungriest, sorriest, saddest excuse for a cat showed up one day.
He hung around, got fit and healthy and resisted every attempt we made to catch him, to vet check him and neuter him. He went walk about one day.

The habit has continued because, TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I are a pair of idjets.

Couple of weeks ago I noticed a gray tabby, chowing down like she hadn’t eaten in months. No I didn’t know she was a female, she just appeared so feminine that was my guess.

Tuesday, she was back with 2 babies about.. 5-6 weeks old.
This morning she was back with 5 kittens…I got a pic of 2 of them after they had eaten playing in the front garden.

We were alerted to her visit, by the Bengal Brats, lined up and chitterling loudly on the love seat.

Sigh.. Now we have to figure out how to trap all of them, to be vetted and neutered..

I truly wish people would be more responsible, spay and neuter unless they are champions you are breeding.

Or at least keep them home and feed them.

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