Aug 28 2007

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Megan and the BadKittycats did a super wonderful, most excellent job while I was in the hospital!
My thanks to Megan and da kitties for everything they did!

Also special thanks to all who kept us in prayer, we appreciate all of you!

The surgery was a laminectomy and L4-L5-S1 spinal fusion.
I checked this morning and my hips didn’t appear to be any smaller from the bone harvested from them… Dang it!

I have two new additions to my daily wear, a high tech back brace…
and a walker so I don’t loose my balance and undo all the surgeons work..

TheMasterOfTheUniverse is watching me like a hawk, so no chance of misbehaving!
Actually he suprised me with a spotless house and a clean bed to come home to…

I didn’t know he knew how to operate a vacuum, or dishwasher… hmmmm..

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