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Nov 04 2007


No Lobotomy Today

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Wow, I actually got a call from Pet. I was starting to believe she had a lobotomy and was unable to speak. She will probably strangle me when she sees this, but maybe the drugs will make her too happy to notice.

Here’s the word. She sounded great. Better than she has in the last 3 months. And Pet did say she felt better than she had in a long time too. Now she must of course be careful and not learn to sky dive this week, but it’s good news. Maybe this will allow the infection to clear up and she can heal.

Pet still has to stay in the brace but I am shipping super glue her way. And some stickers for the brace to decorate it. Not sure when she gets to come home, I missed her second call, but will catch her later on.

Thank you again for the prayers. Will update soon! megan

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