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Nov 10 2007

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Home Again

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Home again. And yet once again my thanks to Megan for posting updates.
And to all of you who kept TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I in prayer.

The last few weeks have been a revolving door between the hospital
and home. I have been praying for understanding and acceptance, yet I can’t seem to help feeling resentful that this spinal fusion turned into such a nightmare.

I was not a good patient this trip, I was upset and verbal. I was incredibly sick. In fact I had completely lost my sense of humor.
Thursday night (November 1st) the surgeon’s office called in a tranquilizer for me because it would be hours before a bed was available. I was hysterical and scared.

The hardware that was to protect my spine while the fusion occurred is gone,
Removed with care by our surgeon.( Whom I suspect wishes he had never met me!)

It appeared that the symptoms were indictitive of another spinal infection.
It was however salmonella poisoning. I am not even going to share the intrusive
Tests that were done to find this, it was unpleasant. Continue Reading »

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