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Nov 02 2007


Double Thumbs Up

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About 30 minutes ago Pet came out of Surgery. They had to remove the “hardware” in her spine, and as for optional clothing she will be in a nice brace for a while. I spoke to TMOTU and he sounds very tired, but relieved this went well.

It’s just sad that this had to happen. All of the surgeries and everything, it’s amazing they both are not in a mental hospital. I did not get to speak to Pet, but of course, I will wait. I was just so glad to hear she was out of surgery finally.

The surgeon seems to think this will get the infections under control. How it got there is a matter of my own speculation, and I hope someone finally takes some accountability. The fact is she did not just get this infection from home. It was hospital borne in my opinion.

Saturday I will call Pet and check on her and update when I have some more news. Now about that brace, she will have to wear it every minute, so my suggestion to her Husbandman is SUPER GLUE WORKS GREAT!

Please know your prayers are greatly appreciated and still needed. Pet has such a great heart and loving soul, and in return you know she is there for us when we need her. Thank you!

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