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Nov 19 2007

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Better Late Than Never Carnival Of The Cats!

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Welcome to the better late than never edition of carnival of the cats.
The Bengal Brats were up for it, but the human slave Pet was sick…
So our apologies to all!

Madeleine Begun Kane starts us off First (And Last) Visit from Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Elisson shares a theme common to begger kitties hungry kitties with NO EXPLANATION REQUIRED Also
gave us Blog d’Elisson.

Elisson also shares ATTENTION!Blog d’Elisson.

Ron King gives us an informative post with cats-Cat Care, Breeds

and Resources Blog Cat Care, Breeds and Resources Blog.

Blueberry moves us on (with our hope it all comes out ok)
Purrsday Night - Swheat Treats let us know how this works out! Texas Oasis.

Debra gives us favorite positions.. and a keeper of time with
Ping Takes A BreakMANX MNEWS.

jamsodonnell shares portraits of love I Love…….. The Poor Mouth.

Lab Kat looks at a napper kapper with Friday Cat

Blogging: Napping Edition Lab Kat.

Russ shares Mycahs frustrations Hunter, Prey — the Return TacJammer.

Cheysuli attempts to solve a mystery >Feature Friday Chey’s place.

Irishcoda says all kitties have opinions Feline Friday:

Cats On Bags > This, That & The Other Thing.

leucanthemum b has a smarty cat or well something darn close to it! Friday
Catblog: a Puzzler!
composite drawlings.

leucanthemum b also has a dangerous beastie if flipped.. thats some big eyes!
>Tuesday Tummy #14 composite drawlings.

sbpoet shares some excellent links, and a cute kitty story Hey, You! Yes, You! You Personal (Cat) Blogger!

anniemiz introduces foster kitties with some delightful pics

Friday Cat Blogging: Foster Kittens!!1!
>anniemiz, saying, “Meet foster kittens Lizzie and Miles.”

dolphin gives us a pictorial history of Hobbes and we wish him many more happy B-days! >Feline Friday Dolphin’s Dock,
saying, “Hobbes is 3 years old!”

Parker raises a paw.. well several paws with
Raise A Paw Contest
Perfectly Parker >, saying, “Let’s Raise a Paw!”

Karen Street shares >Karen’s Blog Karen’s Blog >.

CatSynth tells us the woes of moving with >Weekend Cat Blogging and more: Luna and CatSynth HQ > mp3 kitty cat synthesizer music, saying, “thanks for hosting COTC this weekend.”

Mog shares >Black, White And Grey Mind of Mog.Mog also shares Wordless Wednesday
Mind of Mog.Mog gives us Tummy Tuesday #68
Mind of Mog.and also
Pee Free Mind of Mog.

K T Cat rolls us around with
It’s Caturday!
The Scratching Post.

Mog shares >So It’s Caturday iInfidel.

Andree defines >LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time and Our First Holy Cat!
saying, “Hunter: Our First Holy Cat! Also exciting news: Bad Kitty Cats is in the LOLCat Bible scriptures this week.”

Samantha Black and Tigger recruit for a good cause with

Thursday 13 #23-13 Reasons to do Winter Secret Paws
>Life from a Cat’s Perspective.,
saying, “We are telling everyone why they should sign up for Winter Secret Paws!! It’s loads of fun.”

Katie sweats it out with WCB: Feelin’ the Aussie Heat > A Byootaful Life.

Gattina shares a mysterious visitor >A LATE EVENING VISITOR IN MY HOTEL ROOM MY CATS AND FUNNY STORIES >, saying, “A strange visitor in my hotel room at the Red Sea in Egypt !”

Megan admits herself for brain treatments as she and the brats figure out the mystery >Braum And The Mystery Kitten Bad Kitty Cats Journal, saying, “HI!”

Marilynn shares >Somewhat ruffled! Momma Grace & Company.

HotMBC gives us some adorable shots with >All we got was these stoopid pikshurs House of the (Mostly) Black Cats >, saying, “Mom went away yesterday and all we got was these stoopid pikshurs. Good thing we decided to nap instead of wait up for her. After all, our pikshur is cuter than all those.”

Nikita presents
If it’s All the Same to You I’d Rather be Inside!
Musings of a Mad Macedonian >, saying, “Hi there! Just so you ain’t confused when giving credit where credit is due I, Nikita, am the Co-Blogger with Daddy, and write my own Posts for the Blog within a Blog that I call Nikita’s Place.
It is actually a full blown archive of all my contributions so feel free to use this URL instead of the main Musings one:”

Laura Lee Donoho shares >The Sabby Report The Wide Awake Cafe, saying, “Sabby’s in control.”

Aloysius gives us >A very poetic leopard Catymology.

Kashim & Othello share >Easy like sunday??? No sorry m?am very buzy sunday!!
Kashim & Othello
, saying, “hi miz pet we hope you are doing well and we are not too late!! hugs and purrrs K&O”
(nope you were on time.. Iwas late.. sigh.. and hugs and purrs back at ya!)

:: Suzanne :: looks at >cats :: adventures in daily living ::.

Matt M give us facts! with >4 Quick Cat Facts The Pet Haven.

willow shares >BCK: On Purpose or On Accident willow’s cat blog.

Once again I offer my apologies for the lateness.. and If I missed anyone just drop me a note!
No hisses or spitting please!

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