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Sep 07 2006

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Where Were You?

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I was asked recently ( Basil’s Blog)..Where I was on 9/11
I answered that I was in the mountains of Montana bringing cows home.
I had ridden alone that day; it was a crisp beautiful day.

I could tell from my flyover the day before these were our cows alone.
We had found the cows early. Jake the dog and I headed them down and homeward we were bound.

Fall gathering can be easy, it can actually be a social event…This day it wasn’t.
Frequently neighbors will ride together bring the herds in and sort them in pens..
On 9/11 it was Jake the dog, and Sugarbabe the horse and me.

Being a rancher is a good life. It is not for the faint of heart, or PETA promoters.
Can you say graft calf?

I rode back into the ranch about 4 that afternoon, unsaddled and brushed my horse, turned him out and walked into the house and flipped on the news, as I headed for the shower, thinking about supper. I remember I stopped and walked back into the living room.

I watched in disbelief, I remember calling the ranch cowboys in by ringing the bell.

We all stood with tears running down our faces…No one said anything for the longest time. We simply watched and cried and raged.

I will never forget the people who jumped trying to avoid the flames.
I will never forget that terrorists attacked my homeland.
I will never forget the Heroism displayed that day and the days, weeks, and months after.

I will never forget my friend Eva,( whose son died in tower1) who called me with her heart breaking with fear at 11 pm that night because she couldent reach Jimmy.She learned the following day he had died.

In four days I have the privilege of remembering the life of James Straine.

I will attempt to do justice to a patriot who was much loved and who died on American soil.

Please Remember !
Fly your Flag!

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