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Sep 05 2006

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Heroes Not Cargo

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Last December, I wrote about Fallen American Heroes’ being returned home as cargo
In the holds of commercial planes. I questioned whether President’s Bush’s momma had forgotten to instill in him a sense of honor for our fallen heroes.

This is how it works,: The coffins of fallen troops, all arrive in the United States through Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, escorted by other troops and draped in American flags, according to the Pentagon.

From Dover, remains are sent in the cargo holds of commercial flights, with escorts traveling as passengers aboard the planes.
Frankly it upset me, I believed then as I do now
That all honor needs to be rendered to American’s willing to sacrifice everything
So that I may live in freedom, the dead may not care, but the living do.

The Casualty count for Florida today stands at 111 deaths, each of these heroes deserves to be treated with Honor.

In an article at, Jeff Edwards wrote about John and Stacy Holley, who’s only son was being returned as low priority fright.

“The casket containing Matthew’s body would be unloaded using a forklift, deposited on a wheeled luggage cart, and hauled across the tarmac with all the care and ceremony given to a crate of running shoes. The family would not even be allowed to meet his remains on the runway. They could claim his casket from the holding area for oversized luggage. To their horror and amazement, John and Stacey learned that this is standard practice for returning the remains of deceased service members. Honors and ceremonies come later, at the memorial service and funeral. Everything before that point is handled using routine procedures designed for commercial freight. “

Outrage Of The Day has more to say.

Here’s an Update from from Jeff Edwards:

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Sep 05 2006

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Florida Primary

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I don’t know about other republicans in Florida…
I do know the MasterOfTheUniverse and I are
Disgusted, Dirty politics..
Mud slinging…
Name Calling..
Yep.. I can hardly wait to vote…

Republican Contest:
Attorney General Charlie Crist
Tom Gallagher, Florida’s chief financial officer

Democratic contest:
Representative Jim Davis of Tampa
State Senator Rod Smith of Gainesville

I wonder if I write in Tigger for govenor..
what would happen…

OTB: Those Bastards
The Random Yak

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Sep 05 2006

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Poor Tigger…

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Tigger has had a couple of rough weeks..

Tigger has had to defend his poor self..
BlackJackTheBlackLab has stepped up the
Quest to Be King..
Tigger is feeling a bit put upon

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