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Jan 14 2007

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147~Carnival Of The Cats

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Tigger opens this week’s carnival with warm welcome and great big thanks to all who participated!

Special note: because I forgot about time zones, the Carnival went up early.. then due to server problems.. GRRRR… I could not get into the site.. My personal apology to ls, and Mog…

Tigger Welcomes you all!

Laurence Simon shares with us a request for help Catblogger in need of our help posted at this blog is full of crap. A truly fine Lady named Mog who needs some help , Practice a random act of kindness today, reach into your pocket and give her a hand… please…..

ML (Mary Lynn) shares some beautiful photos with Sleepy Saturday & Sunday posted at Missy, KC & Bear. Then gives us a look at a kitty toy that KC really loves! Fun Furry-day posted at Missy, KC & Bear. also shares Wordless Wednesday posted at Missy, KC & Bear.

SJ Reidhead gives us some info on one of my Favorite Men from the WildWest! And teases us with ….The Saga of Mommy Cat and the little ones continue. Check the whole week’s postings to learn more. How is she doing? Did she have a breakdown? Is the little red one walking yet? SAT Jan 13 Long May His Story Be Told….Brave Courageous and Bold posted at The Pink Flamingo.

Meanwhile….Rondi gives us a look at Orloff .. The Little Sicko posted at Begin Each Day As If It Were on Purpose.

who we hope is feeling better! Tummy Tuesday: Little Sicko Edition posted at Begin Each Day As If It Were on Purpose.

Leigh provides a look at 14/365..WCB posted at crazy meezer. Tigger wonder’s if Meezer chases and bites ankles also…

Valerie gives us a look at the human servants in… Maid, Oh Maid! posted at Val’s Bien.

Rocket shows remarkable restraint towards a visitor…

While Jason is asked Are you in my face? by the beautiful Grendel posted at xenogere. Jason also gives us a look at It ain’t gonna be pretty posted at xenogere.

And for a real large in your face look.. Here’s a kitty a bit larger than Butterscotch from
Mensa Barbie Welcomes You Video: African Lion Kisses Rescuer posted at Mensa Barbie Welcomes You.

thebookmistress shares her adorable Molly and Tobias with their new toy Basil Every Good Cat Deserves Favour posted at Nina’s Books 4 Israel Project.

Karen Shanley gives us Finnegan-4, Mice-0 posted at Karen Shanley.

Mary shares that at least it will be brighter in the house with a new floodlight!! Crappity Crap Crap Crap posted at Meezer Tails. Somehow Miles doesn’t seem to share her enthusiasm!

Kelly Cat presents Friday Cat Blogging: Miss Caitie-Belle posted at It’s all Good.. She sure is pretty….

maggie katzen gives us a look at Cats-On-Catnip! ferdy reminded me posted at maggies meanderings and shameless plugs.

Tempers must have been tested for Wes Phillips Stereophile: Deep Thoughts posted at Stereophilia. And more with!Stereophile: Get Out of My Face posted at Stereophilia.

Tigger needed a play break!

Time for a play break

Omnibus Driver presents Traveling Companions posted at Leslie’s Omnibus.
The Divine Miss Marilyn is one of Tiggers favorites…

Pookie Cat can sleep just about anywhere! While Betsy Cat tries to learn to levitation…

ACM gives us A good time for Friday cat cuteness posted at Just Between Strangers.


Da Nator shares Friday Cat Blog - I Must EEEEAT EEET! posted at Delectatio Morosa.

leucanthemum b shares that cat sitting can be very niceFriday Catblog: Eddie makes himself comfy posted at composite drawlings.

Ostara shares sweet nesses from the Island…. aloha! posted at stillpoint.

The quota is not quite full as Annie gives usFriday Cat Blogging: Keep It Down posted at anniemiz.

Babeth shares some darn good insights with us Cuddling the wilderness posted at House of Chaos.

Barry Campbell allows us a look at Gato in the High Castle posted at enrevanche. Remember next weeks Carnival will be hosted by Barry and Gato!

Debra gives us Miss Boo posted at MANX MNEWS.

Dragonheart presents a great video Movie Monday posted at Dragonheart’s Domain. Also sharesMy first Christmas: Photos and Video posted at Dragonheart’s Domain.

On a more serious note… a wonderful Lady named Mog could use some help..

Thank you KT for letting us know with K T Cat presents World of Good, Catblogging Style posted at The Scratching Post.

K T Cat also shares Near You posted at The Scratching Post.

KT! I can’t get that song out of whats left of my mind!

Chris Dolley explains the intricies of shopping and home safety Helping Out Around The House: A Kitten’s Guide posted at Chris Dolley’s Page.

Russ presents Mycah (who is looking so much better!)Sleeping on the Job posted at TacJammer. Russ there is more than a few who will be waiting word on that big discovery….

Ferdinand T. Cat gives us Before and After posted at Conservative Cat.
Hmmm..Tigger say’s the cure is more catnip…

srp shares a beautiful collage of photosIndividuality posted at Mélange.

Blueberry shows us Catblogging - A few of his favorites things posted at Texas Oasis.

Elisson wishes he were curled in the middle of these two beauties I betCOMFY posted at Blog d’Elisson.

Aloysius rolls over us with Flipping over gourds posted at Catymology.

Beverly Keaton Smith gives us Win-Wins posted at Embrace Your Gifts and Soar!.

Rahel watches the door guardian with On Duty posted at Elms in the Yard.

Zachary Wyatt gives us an insiders view withAn Analysis of the Geopolitical Dynamics Between Two Male Housecats posted at the Rising Jurist.

gottagopractice shares a couple of the cutest babies with How I know my brother loves me posted at If at first you don’t succeed….

jamsodonnell shares the oddity of Strange Mimi expression #243 posted at the Poor Mouth.

Moving on into more news….Maria shares a recent article Adopt a Four-legged New Yorker posted at daily dose of queer.

Ana presents My Chritmas holidays and gifts posted at =^..^= Diario de Ana.

KeesKennis shares a delightful slideshow of A new addition to the KeesKennis family posted at KeesKennis.

Brian shares Tristan’s new safety practice with Eathquake Drill

Laughing Muse presents a absolutely clear picture of well I cant tell you.. so go look! Title Deleted for Security Reasons: Cat Morning posted at Title Deleted for Security Reasons.

Kelly Cat (and all the Good Cats) shares with us It’s all Good. posted at It’s all Good..

Willow shows us Some More Christmas… posted at willow’s cat blog.

Rachel tells us that three out of five cats agree, holiday catnip from the vet rules! Sunday cat blogging. posted at Tales of my thirties..

Jeff shares Athenamama Hits the Big Time posted at Athenamama.

Laurence Simon shares that Nardo can still hunt posted at this blog is full of crap.

Sissy Willis presents “The pressure . . . the pressure” posted at sisu. More with a lil insight.. or not!Fear and loathing of dogs and drams posted at sisu.

Boni Maronis Sanjee does a >Looky! & Spotty Sunday posted at House of the (Mostly) Black Cats.

Kimberly plays Feline Friday: Tunnel posted at Music and Cats.

Laura Lee Donoho gives us Wide Eyes posted at The Wide Awake Cafe.

Mog gives us a look at izzy-tree-cat, the great hunterFinishing up my midmorning snack posted at iInfidel.
Tummy Tuesday #25 posted at iInfidel.
Izzy is here posted at iInfidel.
Izzy?s stretchin? posted at iInfidel.
Mog then shares Tongue ‘n Toes Thursday #4 posted at Mind of Mog. Upgraded Izzy posted at Mind of Mog. a giggle is in order with Tummy Tuesday #25 posted at Mind of Mog. Saddam vs Kitty Movie Monday posted at Mind of Mog.

That wraps up this weeks edition of the 147th edition of The Carnival of the Cats…

As always.. If I missed your submission, just drop me an email at pet(at)petsgardenblog…

Have a blessed week, and do drop by the MindofMog
Give her a bit of help!

Be sure to visit enrevanche for next weeks carnival!

Different people like different types of cats, while majority of the cat lovers have big cats. A variety of cat house is available in the market for different cat species. In order to provide comfortable environment, cat condo is made of wood and covered with carpet.

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Jan 14 2007

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Carnival Of The Cats ~147 Coming Tonight!

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Wow !!!
What a great way to finish a really crummy week..
Between the flu.. and Miss Snot deciding to explore way more than her allotted portion of the Great OutDoors..
It will be a pleasure to present the Carnival Tonight.

Tigger is attempting to sidetrack me with treat begging and or hypnotize me..

Do remember to get your Carnival Submissions in…..

Different people like different types of cats, while majority of the cat lovers have big cats. A variety of cat house is available in the market for different cat species. In order to provide comfortable environment, cat condo is made of wood and covered with carpet.

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