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Mar 18 2007

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156th edition of the Carnival of the Cats

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Welcome to the 156th edition of the Carnival of the Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see the boys are all excited you are able to share the occasion with us!

Cat Portraits give us insight into the kitty’s natures be it
Wild or gentle…It is always so much fun to see all the beautiful kitties………

John starts us out this week even though he has the flu (get better!) StrangeRanger: Brief and to the point… posted at StrangeRanger.

Spoiler at The spoiled cat has a photo that might make a great oil with Still Life With cat Catsby is the cats name…

Babeth gives the Definitive explanation for meal time behavior.. Charm Offensive posted at House of Chaos.

Aloysius shares new words to an old tune Lord of the Pounce posted at Catymology.

Mog gives us a head start with Me, Izzy posted at iInfidel.
Mog shares the results of a chewkitty Mr Chew posted at Mind of Mog.
Mog has taughtIzzy, the genius to make videos with Izzy Movie Monday posted at iInfidel.
Mog has cross posted to Izzy Movie Monday posted at Mind of Mog.

Jennifer Lamb pours us a cup of
A Cuppa Cat
posted at Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat.

Sher at What did you eat shares a couple beautiful photos…

Mog shares the relentless pursuit Stalking the wild kittycat posted at iInfidel.

GrrlScientist shares an exciting discovery New Cat Discovered on Borneo and Sumatra posted at Living the Scientific Life.

Subbes shares cat names that are well awful with 2007 Top 100 Worst Cat Names Ever posted at Catnabbit!.
Rondi shares the always adorable Friday Catblog posted at Begin Each Day As If It Were on Purpose.

Sissy Willis shares her wonderful insights and humor with “We need to make Lieberman less lonely” posted at sisu.
Sissy then shares a look at snowy paws withLet it snow, let it snow, let it snow posted at sisu.

Chris Dolley with Irreverent humor shares A Kitten’s Guide to Car Maintenance. posted at Chris Dolley’s Page.

Cheysuli brings a worry to light with a tongue in cheek look atProstrate Cancer posted at Chey’s Place.

Cats are not egotists….Right?

thebookmistress shares some wonderful photos It’s St Patrick’s day.. posted at Nina’s Books 4 Israel Project.

Cassie starts the question section with… Feline Friday: Who’s Not A Cat Lover? posted at Scribblings.

While Valerie puzzles over important issuesCasey’s Jump or Bows’ Pillow posted at Val’s Bien.

Bad Kitty Cats asks a serious question… is Jezebel Vomit Colored posted at Bad Kitty Cats.
( the 3 Bengals think she’s beautiful)

Meanwhile Stars are born

Dragonheart announces his entry at the aCATemy Awards withSphynx Sports posted at Dragonheart’s Domain. Wow.. good luck!

And speaking of Stars….
The Divine Miss Marilyn is only a lil bit smug Traveling Companions posted at Leslie’s Omnibus.

srp lets the light shine on as Miss Scarlett Takes Center Stage posted at Mélange.

Elisson wonders what is so funny with HAR-DEE-HAR-HARH posted at Blog d’Elisson.

Annie gives us a peek at the newFriday Cat Blogging: Kitty Quilt posted at anniemiz. Edison enjoys his new, handmade kitty quilt.

Fair Warning.. grab a kleenex or two before traveling over to visit
Elijah’s Rescue Confessions and Secrets from a Shelter Volunteer posted at Elijah’s Rescue.
I told you!

err… Megan who is a modern secret agent gives us the operative details with Secret Missions Revealed posted at Bad Kitty Cats.

A startling appearance was made by this charming green-eyed fellow
as leucanthemum b desribes the horror! Friday Catblog: Peanut and the green-eyed monster posted at composite drawlings.

SonnyBob pays close attention as K T Cat shares the Maximum Leader’s expertiseProper Leaping Technique posted at The Scratching Post.
Marilynn shares some of her Favorite things posted at Momma Grace & Company.

Wes Phillips details Huckleberries attributes with Stereophile: Semper Fi posted at Stereophilia.
While Wes shows us howStereophile: Bagheera Primps posted at Stereophilia.

Sonnybob wanted Duncan to have this lil cape…. Blueberry shares Catblogging - Duncan’s haircut posted at Texas Oasis.

Debra lets Abby shop for Fast Foods posted at MANX MNEWS.
Hazel reminds everyone about the pet food recall Catnabbit! — Menu Foods Pet Food Recall posted at Catnabbit!.

Matthew Paulson shares his ideas on Making Fluffy Cheaper: Cutting Down Pet Expenses posted at Getting Green.

Rondi gives a look at a cute tummy with Tummy Tuesday posted at Begin Each Day As If It Were on Purpose.

Barry Campbell gives us a charming overview ofMister Gato comments on Daylight Savings Time posted at enrevanche.

Russ shares the result of patience and care with Regrowth posted at TacJammer.

While srp lets us see how Clover Views The World ……… posted at Mélange.

jamsodonnell shares Bebe’s feeling with How would you like it if I shone a searchlight in YOUR eyes? posted at The Poor Mouth.

And finally Laurence Simon gives us nardo’s book review posted at this blog is full of crap.

That my feline friends ties up this wonderful Carnival..
as always our thanks go to Laurence Simon for allowing us to host!
next weeks Carnival is at Scribblings…

Also make sure you check all the lastest weekend CatBlogging news with jelly at I got two shoes
Also see the cat blogosphere for more news..

Also do stop by Instapundit for Interesting viewpoints.. And opinions.

If we have missed anyone please email us …pet(at)…

Have a blessed and safe week everyone!

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