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Mar 01 2007

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It’s a Western

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cattle prods and rusty butter knives..
Gosh .. TheMasterOfTheUniverse brought home the
movie Flicka..
He Knew I needed a good cry..
I did..
and it was a western..

The tears have dried..
Althought TheMasterOfTheUniverse will say he has some soggy

I have felt so sad..
and I realized tonight that
I was the best daughter.. I did everything
that I could do..
Mom ..
I hope you are resting in peace ..The RandomYak my friend I missed your last comments..
I appreciate you.

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Mar 01 2007

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CowBoyHeaven, Montana

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I’m home sick…
I miss Montana…

I miss the mountains and the lupine that blooms so
I think actually I’m just pretty damn maudlin…

Ellen Sue called out of the blue a couple days ago..
She doesn’t miss the ranch…

How odd is that?

Meanwhile my furry friend the Random Yak’s site still considers me and Tigger to be spam…
Which considering how I feel is probably appropriate..

I guess it depends on which side of the mountain your on..

I have no mountains in Florida..

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Mar 01 2007

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I wept

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It has been a year since the QueenMother died..
I find it strange that I still have issues with her..
I find I still miss her..
A year after her death this is how I feel..

The Quiet……

The quiet strikes a chord as I enter your room
The frantic flight, the drive on unfamiliar roads coated with ice
like I imagined your heart to be.

The hours between living and dying
You in the bed, eyes open, not breathing.
Gone they said.
She is gone.

Could you not have waited for me..
I needed.

I miss you Mother, how strange that seems.
I who should be used to death
Still rail at your passing…

I never ever heard the words I needed…
You died before I could hear them.
I touched your cold face,
I closed your unseeing eyes..
And I wept.

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