Melamine or Cyanuric Acid.. Your Poison of Choice

Posted by pet | Poisoned Pet Food | Thursday 31 May 2007 7:53 am

There is no danger to the human food chain.
Melamine is diluted thru animal ingestion and poses no risk.
There has been no contamination to the human food chain.

The FDA has been shooting its mouth off since March 18th, 2007.
Credibility is zero in my perspective.
Believability is lower than that.
That is probably a oxymoron.. I’m entitled..

Melamine is poison. Cyanuric acid (used to sanitize pool water), is also poison

Poison and human lives don’t mix well.

This has been proven to the heartbreak of thousands of furbaby owners.
TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I question strongly if BuddyTheDog,
Was a early victim of this poison, fed with love, unknowingly.We miss him so!

I think the USDA and the FDA need to pull their collective heads out of the
Cesspools they currently occupy and get some real Doctors. Not veterinarians, to test the long term effect on human beings.And for those of you that believe the CDC is involved give them a call I did and was oh so not happy at what I was told.

Poison kills.

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