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May 10 2007

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Thursday Night Update

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Here is where the bidding stands for the rose giclee
to help Megan and the bad Kittys

Thursday Night Update:

I bid $100 to help Teacups’s Family
John | 05.10.07 - 9:19 pm | #


I bid 85.00 for that rose to help teacup.
grace tracy | 05.07.07 - 3:19 pm | #

Victor Tabbycat has bid 40.00

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa has bid $35.00

Sanjee & the Hot(M)BC we’ll bid $30

Barbie-Lou & Taylor & Clay bid $25

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May 10 2007

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Auction Updates!

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Teacup is resting comfortably in heaven this morning,
but the rest of the BadKittys,and Megan need our help!

Please drop me a note if your doing a fundraising or auction for
BadKitties and I miss you! is donating all of their May sales to help..
Holy cats! Thats a hugh sacrifice! Very kind, and thank you!

This is taken directly off the catblogosphere site with my thanks!

Pet’s Auction for Teacup
Pet is a Weekend Cat Blogging host friend! Great unique art!
Auction Ends Saturday 5/12 More Info & Bid Here

KC’s Auctions for Teacup
5 Auctions with Cat Fabric Kits & More!!!
Auctions Ends Saturday 5/12 5pm PDT More Info & Bid Here

The M’s Auction for Teacup
Munchkin, Missy & Monte are auctioning off the dreamiest fluff of a soft sweater with pink rosebud buttons to help TeaCup!
Auction Ends Friday 5 PM CT More Info & Bid Here

SquiggleWorm with Donation for TeaCup & Lilly Lu
Sophia is offering a Squiggle Worm toy to everyone who donates at least $2 to the fund for TeaCup and Lilly Lu!
Auction Ends Friday 5 PM PT More Info & Donate Here

Lilly Lu wrote: I am autioning off my extra cute pink spotted Bannda to help tea cup wiff his vet bills. Cute Pink and white Bannda may come and go but Cat freinds will last 4 ever the bad kitty cats helped us out when I was sick I want to help them!!!
That auction has ended.

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May 10 2007

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For Megan

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There’s a special place in heaven where animals go,
Across the bridge we call the rainbow.

Now God the Father loves animals so.
He made their space so very comfortable.

There are tigers, and zebras and elephants to,
All the critters come there, when their lives are thru.

Can you picture this place where the Father just rests?
And pets and heals all manner of ills.

No pain no sorrow, just comfort and soon, your friend
Sees you from the distance and runs happily to you.

You meet the Father the maker of all, while your friend in
Heaven introduces you to all.

Cheyenne is there, Buddy is to, and yesterday Teacup
came to heaven to wait for you.

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