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May 29 2007

AssHats Are Banned

Published by pet under Life

I have had some critics tear me apart for not sharing what’s going on in my life.
Well here is the reality.

My heart is badly damaged. I am on ace inhibitors and beta blockers. And the rest is not for sharing.
Some days I cannot leave my bed because I haven’t the breath to propel me.

I am so not whining. And you asshats that want to be mean.
Take it up with God. I don’t need your crap.

I am short with my dearest friends because while I love to gab, I can’t.
TheMasterOfTheUniverse made a 3 minute rule for the phone.
It works. I do use a fudge factor sometimes.
I pay for it, my choice.

Mornings I have more energy, I play with da Bengal Brats…

Walk the gardens with my camera
And grin at how sweet life is.

Afternoons… I usually sleep, I get tired easily, and frankly I don’t cope well
With yawl who know what’s best for me. So shut your mouths ok
So just pray for us.

We have good Doctors and I plan to be here as long as the Lord allows..

A new rule on my blog…
If you’re mean, you’re banned.
I’m very serious.. I haven’t the energy or the time to waste on you.

I don’t need any of your crap.. So go away..

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May 29 2007

Tummies are The Bengal Brats

Published by pet under Tuesday Tummy

tiggers tummy

SonnyBob on TMOTU lap

SirWoody and SonnyBob

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May 29 2007

Published by pet under News..

New International Symbol for Gasoline
Shared by Chris in Indiana..
Just saying…

International symbol for gasoline

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