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Sep 23 2007

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Blankets and Pillows and Beds Oh My

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Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Oh No… Silly its…


Bad Kitty Cats Festival Of Chaos presents: Blankets and Pillows and Beds Oh My!
That’s it!

Tigger is so not impressed with playing Dorothy!

So it must be time to move onto the Carnival of Chaos!

Debra tells us about some P-problems posted at MANX MNEWS. The bengal brats think that it may be not enough fiber in the diet???
Anyway, we are glad you had some relief!p problems

dolphin shares Feline Friday with an awesome photo of Hobbes snoozing posted at Dolphin’s Dock.snoozing

Irishcoda tells us to get ready cause today they are hosting The Carnival! Indigo comes out of hiding long enough to say, “Come back on Sunday”!
Cat Blogging: The Carnival is Coming, the Carnival is Coming! posted at This, That & The Other Thing. indigo

sbpoet peers into the future with Virtual Cats, Again posted at Watermark. virtual

Mog becomes a pillow with Just A Cat posted at Mind of Mog.luxary

Mog shares a kittys thinking on laps with The Lap posted at iMeowza. laps

CatSynth presents Weekend Cat Blogging: Beds, Pillows and Rain(?) posted at mp3 kitty cat synthesizer music, saying, “We’ve got the cushion/pillow/bed theme covered.” We hope you stay dry!Luna and Cat beds

Mog gives us a look at Bazel, who is not a bad kitty! Today?s Bad Kittycat posted at Mind of Mog. bazel

Irishcoda presents BKC Festival of Chaos: Beds and Pillows posted at This, That & The Other Thing. kosmo and mousie

Tiffany Holley tells us a story, which has to touch your heart. Kitten Rescue posted at Life on the Road: Home Business, Homeschool, and Cats!, saying, “Our four newest additions - orphans recused from fumigation”

willow mulls over the BKC Theme: Pillows or Beds or is it toy time?posted at willow’s cat blog. Cat beds

China Cat presents BKC Theme: Pillows or Beds, wow your a lucky kitty to have 2 beds to choose from! posted at china cat’s blog. Cat beds

Bad Kitty Cats Festival Of Chaos moves to Catsynthnext week.
Thanks to all for your entries, and a special hug to Megan… who was blogjacked, yet carries on!

My Thanks to Kashim and Othello for carrying on the BCK Singers festival! I do so apologise for missing you last nite..

I was tired….whine,whimper….

Bad Kitty Singers

Samantha and Tigger share a photo of Samantha is using Mom’s mail bin for a bed.
sleeping bin

Now its time for a nap!


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Sep 22 2007

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Bad Kitty Festival of Chaos Coming Tomorrow!

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We are pleased to announce that the Bad Kitty Festival of Chaos will be hosted here tomorrow!

Optional theme is bed or pillows!

Megan being the sweetie she is was concerned that I might not be up to it..
But the Bengal Brats, and TheMasterOfTheUniverse have agreed to roll up their
sleeves/fur and give me a hand sorting thru the chaos!


Katie and Puddy at A Byootaful Life are hosting
WCB, make sure you drop in and say howdy!

Catblogosphere is the place for all news! Check it out!!!

The Carnival of the Cats is going to This, That and the Other Thing Sunday Evening

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Sep 21 2007

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Photo Friday~Beach

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