More Troubles In Pet Land

Posted by megan | Life | Tuesday 2 October 2007 1:54 am

Hi, it’s Megan again. Yes yes, this means Pet is away again and we are not sure for how long. Basically Friday she went into shock from infection in her blood. Long story and I am sure she will share her nightmare when she returns. Currently she is in Hospital and on some massive dosages of antibiotics. I do hope she returns home soon, but only if she is better! I joke she must like the Hospital food a lot to be visiting so much.

It would be awesome if you all would keep her and her family and the Benagl Kitty Cats in your prayers. They really need them right now. I know she would say thank you for your support and love and prayers too. I will call and get an update tomorrow, and hopefully have some good news to report!

 Thanks again…