Guess Who Is Home?

Posted by megan | Life | Saturday 6 October 2007 7:51 pm

We are proud to announce Mz. Pet is home from the MENTAL Hospital!

Now It’s my turn to take some time and go have a rest. Seriously, it’s back to work but you never know when I will be back and just blogjack Pet’s site here and share some lunatic rantings!

Pet has been blood infection free for two days now and I hope it stays that way. We need to have her back, because she has been missed. But for now she needs her rest! If she tries to make homemade poptarts again, we will have Nurse Diesel come take care of her and make sure she stays in a relaxed state of mind and body!

Still, prayers and purrs and good thoughts are very welcome. Now the recovery time and catching up will be a challenge, but she has endured alot and can do it! Thank you for putting up with my sporadic updates!