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Oct 09 2007

Set Pet Free!

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So now Husbandman - not mine - yes Megan again,  TMOTU is holding Pet Hostage. I don’t know if I entirely agree with the tactics, but some foot rubs and candy corn would be welcome.  Seriously? The hammock has been strung but there isn’t any electricity where Pet would have a chance to lie and bask in Mosquito’s Florida size and surf around and visit with us Pet Junkies. So she is still going to be away until she gets mad enough and comes and sees the real world, the INTERNET.

Laughs in a hysterical maniac sort of way here. Doesn’t she know we miss her? Of course she does, and I called her this morning to let her know we all want her back. Like one of those insomnia commercials with the Lincoln Bad Look-A-Like and that troll groundhog. In fact that certain commercial frightens me. If I were dreaming of groundhogs and Lincoln I would not sleep either. What boring escapes.

It appears T I DOUBLE G ERRRRR is on the watch with the “If You Leave Me Again Mama I Will Pee In Your Shoes” and hovers and can you blame him? I mean really, he needs his Mama and probably the other Bengal Brats need some good music played and while we are at it, why not sung to them by Pet?  I would not mind myself. Maybe she can help my insomnia.

Do you want an update? A real update? Well, I do know Pet has now grown a third head and is looking to breathe fire at the first doctor who says hospital time at her again. I do believe she is a SUPER STAR at the hospital if only in fact for not choking the life out of incompetent care givers, and this entire hysteria would have been indeed settled had they not tried to kill her from the first surgery. Maybe I am telling too much, she can delete but I am so disgusted with the quality of health care she received initially to cause more hospital time in the first place. Which all goes back to accountability.

If you are inept at your job in the real world you get fired. In the medical field we call it malpractice. When a doctor cares more about keeping with the insurance guidelines and pharmacy standards to get their yearly quota and bonus, instead of taking health care seriously, they should be sent to pasture. If you can not tell I have a bit of righteous anger headed your way. Why?

Pet went to the hospital for a “normal” procedure, and indeed in fact took all the precautions of incident with her heart and body and mind prior to the spine surgery. Just like we would take antibiotics before having our teeth cleaned at the dentist if we were a risk candidate. She postponed this surgery to make sure everything was in line and and all mistakes that could happen were warded off. In my opinion she did what most people don’t realize they should be doing.

And what happens? She is infected with some rare form of disease bacteria that will kill during the surgery. While it manifested in evil forms of death, she believed her care was standard if not above reproach. Her symptoms were met with suggestions of mental disability and overactive imagination. Until she was hospitalized the time before this incident. And again, hospitalized after they tried to kill her with the wrong medication, and causing more issues.

If you go to the doctor to have an ingrown toenail cared for and end up having your foot cut off, well you would be angry. And if implied it was your own malfunction, you would be seeing red. I know Pet is certainly under major amounts of stress, and I know she is not the whining type of woman who feels it’s imperative to share her struggles, but I am a loud mouth person and believe that the doctors should be held accountable and carry the expense of their gross mistakes.

When my cable was backwards causing my internet to not work at all, the repairman said he would be doing a charge back on the men who installed my service. He believed it would hold them accountable in the pocket book and next job they may think twice before running out before making sure everything was in order and correct.

There is a point. If you are going to tackle any job, whether as a favor or for paid services, do it right or do not do it at all. I think we are all sensible people here. When in fact your life is placed in the hands of virtual strangers and you are cared for in such an obscure and obscene manner, one would only find it natural to seek restitution in some form. Even if only an apology. Yes, I am more than mad at what she has been through.

Humans who care no more do not need to be in the public employment sector at all, they should be shoveling shit in the pig mines of hell. When you cause a caring human soul to suffer, you should be left to the passions of anger. I believe in forgiveness, but when none is displayed, then turning the other cheek is no longer the correct answer.

Jesus/Yahshua said to turn the other cheek, but not once did he say bow down and give your life to incompetent bastards who care for the coin more than your soul. He never said allow people to run over you. Standing up for your own rights is in line with scripture. It’s not a matter of what you do to protect yourself but only a matter of how. Remain blameless in exacting accountability. Do not step to the low levels of those who kill in the name of medical practice. Seek justice in the line of righteousness.

So now, with all her troubles and my lunatic rantings, I would say she needs to hire someone who can assist her with the tricky laws and at least have some form of compensation in the right of medical expenses. When you get no apology, maybe it is time to stand up and break those chains. Maybe that doctor will think next time of his own negligence.

Yes, I am done ranting. And yes I am angry. Mentally the recoup time is going to be a journey and I desire a short one for Pet, but when injustice is served by injustice it creates hell. Come back Pet and talk to us, we do understand and love you and prayers are being sent as incense to the altar of the Lord. So, now… send some love to your friends and blogjack their website. LOVE….

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