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Oct 12 2007


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Tigger owns my desk shelf has always claimed the shelf of my desk as his personal space, the best place to keep his eyes on me while I’m working or surfing the net.

Neither SonnyBob (who claims to own TheMasterOfTheUniverse) nor Sir Woody (who cares not whose hand reaches for him, as long as it’s frequent and cuddly) has ever shown an interest in invading Tiggers space.
This morning much to Tiggers dismay, Sir Woody invaded Tiggers space. Tigger being the most gracious Bengal alive, attempted to cope with mixed feelings….

Tigger demonstrates that there is room only for himself.

Tigger whispers to Sir Woody that This is his space!

Sir Woody shows Tigger how to hang on the edge of a shelf…….

The brats can share….in their sleep!

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Oct 12 2007

Photo Friday~Real Life

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