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Oct 20 2007

Saturdays Are Fine

Published by pet under Carnivals

SonnyBob celebrates Saturday on TheMasterOfTheUniverse’s desk.. while humming
“This is my human yes he is mine,
all mine, yes its my human…
Saturdays are fine, On Sunday we be
hosting chaos festival….
life can be so fine!”

Tigger glares at Pet and wonders why He cannot have a Saturday desk…
Though Pet is Tiggers human, she will not allow Tigger or any of The Bengal Brats on her desk..
Tigger isnt singing…..

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Weekend Cat Blogging is at the Tuxie Cats at Tuxedo Gang Hideout This weeks hostess is Samantha!
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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos Edition 15 ~ 10-21-2007 is right here!!!
The Bengal Brats are taking over the Festival Tommorrow!
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Now everyone sing along with SonnyBob……

The Carnival of the Cats is going to Bad Kitty Cats Sunday Evening
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