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Oct 05 2007


Who Should Hold NBC Accountable?

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Recently it has come to my attention that NBC has aired an episode of “The Office” that has many cat lovers infuriated. Since I am now overtaking Pet’s site, and next ~ The World, I will rant and rave here today. I spoke to Pet this morning and she was in between bouts of nausea due to medication and it’s possible she may be allowed to return home, but she was not sure at that time. Our conversation was cut a bit short due to her condition.

Speaking of throwing up, I will get back to my original point on NBC and this show called The Office. Personally, I do not watch television, only listen to the news or documentaries. My life is behind a computer, but the other humans in the house subject me to Nascar and History and many informative snippets. So, while seeing ads for this show and thinking one day before I leave this world I may get around to watching The Office, my computer surfing around my cat blogging friends has stopped me from this activity.

 Now, not having seen The Office, I only know what I know from the talk and quotes and information given to me, but that is enough. I wont be watching now, because it seems their season, their entire show has run out of interesting plot lines and needs to just be removed from airing at all.

One certain character, “Dwight”, was asked in this episode that has my friends angry, to attend to his girlfriends sick cat and give “Sprinkles” her medication. Now let me interject here. Any woman, or person really, such as this character “Angela” who would bother with taking her kitty cat to the Vet to get medication for an illness is someone who cares for her animals. After spending massive amounts of time and money on my Sweet TeaCup, I can relate. A sick kitty needs to be helped as we humans do if possible.

So, “Dwight” takes it upon himself to murder the cat by overdosing her on anithistimines and assuming “Sprinkles” is dead, places the cat in the freezer. Later, it is made clear “Sprinkles” was not dead when placed like a slab of dead cow in the meat locker, and “Angela” discovers her frozen foods clawed up.

“Sprinkles” was not dead as “Dwight” had planned, you know the good old boy mentality an injured or sick animal should be immediately murdered, he claims guilt. But it’s only for a laugh here. You have to remember it’s only a show. What harm could be done right? I hope you are catching my sarcasm.

Now, some of you know I have my own PoohBox Clan of Nine Kitty Cats I call bad. But their “bad” is nothing like the show “The Office” has given us. Zed Monster is bad when he steals catnip and drags it into every corner of the house. “Dwight” is bad and cruel when he murders his girlfriends cat. Bad is when Riot brings in cooperhead snakes and scares the hell out of husbandman, but lacking compassion for the love of our pets, who are indeed family members,  when “Dwight” tells “Angela” it’s just a cat, is cause for real concern.

When the value of a living creature is taken in such a light where simulated murder is used for a cheap laugh, we need to start holding people accountable. NBC promotes “Violence Prevention” and “The More You Know” ad campaign. Browse around their “politically correct” section and find out for yourselves, but the point is violence against an innocent animal is still violence.

It breeds and destroys the core values we as humans should share. I could go into all the statistics for you, but I recommend visiting Mr. Hendreix and Perfectly Parker and The Cat Blogospehere for information on how many pet owners and the millions of dollars spent on our pets each year show the real issue here. Domestic animals, whether they are cats and dogs or lizards and snakes or even bunny rabbits and birds, they are part of our family.

It is common knowledge that many and most serial killers begin their murdering careers by torturing and killing domestic animals at a young age. It’s common knowledge that our youth is already exposed to more than enough violence and to view cat murder and abuse only advocates from The Office plot line that it is funny and people will laugh at the cruel heartless actions if repeated.

The Office and NBC should be held accountable. If they would like to remain a part of the nations households, they should make ammends. Personally, I would rather see the entire show removed from the air, period. Any show that uses murder for a plot line of helpless innocent creatures isn’t a show that I want to be in my family and wont be viewed in my house.

And of course there are the advertisers, they have not been forgotten. The list is on Mr. Hendrix’s site of those who sponsored The Office “Episode Murder” and many are writing letters and sending NBC correspondence. I fear it will go ignored as my own letter was to NBC telling them thank you for sharing with me the true values of their station so I could block their channel.

So I wrote Mr. Bill O’Reilly at FoxNews who has the many times controversial issues no other news stations will discuss on his show, The O’Reilly Factor. It’s possible he may respond. I would like to hope he would take an interest in this issue. I wont be silent about it and I think that an apology is certainly mandatory in this situation from NBC and The Office, but that is not enough.

NBC and The Office needs to take all the money from their sponsors and donate this to the ASPCA after they multiply that by 1000 and begin an active campaign for building No Kill Shelters and allowing free advertising time to shelters who are already established if they will not remove The Office off the air. Yes, to be aired during The Office. And that still is not enough.

When the voice of the victim is silenced and we stand back and as a society allow murder to become the plot line of a comedy show produced and aired by a mega-monster like NBC, we are responsible as well. NBC and The Office should be held accountable and if we don’t stand up and become a voice for victims, even in simulation of murder, we will all stand guilty.

If we don’t find this offensive and cruel, we may as well allow Michael Vick to go back to murdering innocent animals. We should turn a blind eye to the inhumane actions of people cutting off puppies feet for pleasure. We will have to accept the fact that our comfort and unconditional love from our Cats and other pets is all in vain. Riot was shot in the head, Elijah and Jezebel were thrown out in traffic in the middle of a five lane busy road along with their paw pads burned off, Merlin was stabbed repeatedly. Maggie was abandoned and left to freeze and starve. Many many more stories of animal cruelty are rampant in the US.

If we are to put a stop to animal abuse the public must be made aware and become informed. Abuse is a choice and the power is in the hands of the abuser. Supporting abuse, simulation in a fictional show or not, will not be supported by me. Now what can we do?

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