Posted by pet | Life | Thursday 25 October 2007 10:16 pm

I am happy

While SonnyBob enjoys some time with His human TheMasterOfTheUniverse.

Pet and TheMasterOfTheUniverse have a serious discussion about tomorrows visit with the surgeon.

Things are not going real well for Pet.

Pain is the marker of life right now.This is not a good thing…

What is not known is the pain from yet another infection or if something has shifted in the spinal fusion and is creating pain.

TheMasterOfTheUniverse is going to have a long and hopefully logical chat with the surgeon tomorrow…however….

It is very likely that another opinion will be sought before opening Pet’s back for the forth time in less than 3 months..

So please open your hearts and lift Pet and TheMasterOfTheUniverse in prayer.

Sir Woody~ The Jump

Posted by pet | Critters | Thursday 25 October 2007 6:46 am

I am king

Sir Woody shows off how athletic he is with a prodigious jump to the top of the bathroom cabinets…

Its very high up here

SirWoody realizes that going down is going to be much tougher than going up…

help.. me down

Sir Woody.. king of jumpers.. and scardy cat rolled into one.