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Jun 25 2006

Carnival Of The Cats 118

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Welcome to the Carnival Of The Cats!
Tigger is snoring now while I am looking at all the wonderful entries.
Our first entry comes from Lakshmi from Babblogue XL who is indignant about an article titled “A Safe Procedure”
THE FOUR CATS OF GATTINA …funny stories about my cats .

Jelly Pizza: Favorite Watering Hole…Yes I do want to know that story!

John at StrangeRanger submitted A Tale of Two Kitties: part the fifth Ivy and Maddie. One house, two cats!

Michelle at Tiny Bubbles gives us The Kids LOL!

keewee at keewee’scorner whines to us with Whine Whine Whine

Kate Culkin at Red Peonies shares Cats I Know-Margo

Judith at Two Black Cats and me presents proudly A New Kitten They are adorable!

Valerie at Val’s Bien reveals Family Portrait
How much was the bribe, is what Tigger wonder’s?

Rico Loco at The Mis Adventures of Rico Loco unveils a look at The Daily Grind
Note to self: Always check before hitting the on button!

Sissy Willis at sisu gives us first Through a lens darkly auuu.. good luck!Then
Sissy sisu also shares some good insights! Trust but verify Wow Sissy is on a roll!sisu with How now! A rat?*

Next a story and some history from Aloysius at Catymology presents Legendary felines: Erie, white lion, great panther
Is also apparently taking on a new job..Catymology looks at Into the litter box: what’s in the box?

The Ragdoll Cat Guide at presents Caring for your Ragdoll Cat
I admit it , Tigger and I spent way to much time in the galleries!

the Robot Vegetable at Middle-Fork gives us Lady at the Kitchen Intersection Wow is he pretty!

Kimberly at Music and Cats gives us Feline Friday: Hello out there Reminds us of that song.. hello in there..

Meanwhile SB at Watermark shares Quirky Cat Links
What a wonderful list of links to play with!

K T Cat at The Scratching Post allows a look at The Full Tux
Holy Cats Batman!
Tigger says that one must have been after a bribe err treat…

Russ at TacJammer shows off Jabba the Cat
Looks every so much better.. Tigger thinks maybe a small treat for being so cute???

leucanthemum b at Composite Drawlings shares cat tracks with Catblog Friday: a tale of everycat

Lab Kat at Lab Kat gives us Friday Cat Blogging What a doll Pixel is..

Shoot they are all adoreable!

Rahel at Elms in the Yard shares the Kitty in a Tree
Didn’t we used to say that when we jumped double dutch rope?

Wes Phillips at Stereophilia: Wes Phillips Blog gives us Huck Shows the Love Ummm Wes tigger asks that you refain from mentioning cat secrets ok?

anniemiz at anniemiz is a picture of a Flower Child Too darn cute!

Debra at Manx Mnews gives us a look at vanquishing a thingy with All Thumbs

Barry Campbell at enrevanche allows us to see who is The Center of Attention or how to fill a spot!

mensa barbie at Mensa Barbie Welcomes You shares that Life is Just a Bed of Roses

Blueberry at Texas Oasis looks at Friday Catertainment TV Tigger sends get better fast wishes and was wondering what kinda snacks are magical….

srp at Melange gives us The Cat Rules of Modeling she should be a model!

Kimberly at Anchored by Grace sharesJack the Cat Wonder if he’s part panther..Kimberly at Anchored by Grace also shares Up Close and Personality

Elisson at Blog d’Elisson shows us Miss Matata, RN
What a excellent job she is doing!

Ls at ThisBlogIsFullOfCrap. gives us a glimpse of piperchanging favorite spots.

Lets all remember to share some linky love with NZBear also!

lhk at Beezer Song gives us Can You Hear Me Now? wow a cell phone talking cat!

Elisson at Blog d’Elisson announces What the Discerning Cat Reads we wont call that lady names.. Sigh!

PJ and The Boyz at No Deep Thoughts shares a darling Friday Cat Blogging: Growing Boy he is just adorable.. Tigger say’s he needs a new playmate.. Well one that’s not a dog.

ACM at Just Between Strangers presents Thursday bengal-blogging: power nap edition Pasha and Pixel are sure a fine looking pair!

LadyGunn at LadyGunn presents A Note From Sydney Anne What a brave girl willing to defend the sink and recliner all by herself!

Sara Goldstein at The Bargain Queen presents How we found our bargain kitty What a good thing she has such a loving home now!

Laura Lee Donoho at The Wide Awake Cafe presents Kings in Their Court They sure are regal..hmmm… Tigger wonders if you bribe them to sit so pretty?

Curiouser & Curiouser gives us Mr.Harley who is
obviously in charge and keeping a close eye on everything!!

Martin Lindeskog at EGO presents QUICK SNACK
Morris is visiting?

Where’s My Moose?
Is the question on this entry..
(I can’t get the site up, but perhaps by later it will be!)

Well my feline friends and the humans you own that wraps up the carnival!
Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to track back the carnival!

Next weeks carnival is at Watermark, be sure to get your entry in!

And as always if I have missed someone, drop me a note and Ill fix it..!

I am adding a couple of entries.. that are from mindofmog…who’s day went from bad to well terrible..
At least Izzy is doing some cleaning!
I hope that life goes a bit smoother!
Tigger sends a hug!

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Jun 25 2006

More Photoshop Fun!

Published by pet under Semi-Political

The New York Times proving once again
that they are a proterrorist rag
anti American newspaper by leaking National secrets again for the third time in six months.
Michelle Malkin continues to post photoshopped entries.. There are some dang good ones!

Captain Ed at Captains Quarters has some very insightful ideas and comments ..
go take a read!

NYT giving away National Secrets

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