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Jun 23 2006


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Michelle Malkin has some messages for those traitors newspeople who insist
that its their right to reveal National secrets to terrorists.

And in case you need the word defined TRAITOR: A person guilty of committing an act of treason.Treason is the crime of disloyalty to one’s nation. Traitors discovered during the war were tried and often executed

Here is my humble offering….

It’s a tough call; it was not a decision made lightly,” said Doyle McManus, the Los Angeles Times’ Washington bureau chief.
Treasury Department officials spent 90 minutes Thursday meeting with the newspaper’s reporters, stressing the legality of the program and urging the paper to not publish a story on the program, McManus said in a telephone interview.

“They were quite vigorous, they were quite energetic. They made a very strong case,” he said.

In its story, The New York Times said it carefully weighed the administration’s arguments for withholding the information and gave them “the most serious and respectful consideration.”

“We remain convinced that the administration’s extraordinary access to this vast repository of international financial data, however carefully targeted use it may be, is a matter of public interest,” said Bill Keller, the Times’ executive editor.

Bank Data Is Sifted by U.S. in Secret to Block Terror

Published: June 23, 2006
WASHINGTON, June 22 — “Under a secret Bush administration program”

Did’nt we used to hang traitors?

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Jun 23 2006

Photo Friday~ Health

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It is Photo Friday, subject: Health..
I considered watermelon, plums, necturines, and banana’s..
I decided this rose is the perfect

picture of Health!

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