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Jun 14 2006

Happy Flag Day!

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The United States Flag symbolizes the freedom we as American citizens enjoy.
God Bless our troops. God Bless America.

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Jun 14 2006

War Records

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Some of you know I have been on a
Great Quest
Since the Queen Mother’s death, I have been awaiting my fathers War records.
Because I didn’t cross a T, or dot correctly an I
I had to call then fax my request. Again..
Well several times since I am not able to FOLLOW CLEARLY PRINTED INSTRUCTIONS.

Hint: If you write to the National Personnel Records Center, follow closely their instructions.
I mean read and follow the instructions.

Daddy’s war records came yesterday.

Ricky an archives technician was wonderful to me, once he understood; I had no clue.
He was actually very helpful. He was also very Patient!
The folks in the records archives are truly nice people!

All I knew was that Daddy was a navy man.
I knew Daddy’s name and birthday.
If you have never lived with close mouthed parents, you will not understand this.

I wrote the other day about Joe, a Bataan survivor. He was really talkative compared to my Daddy about the war, which is to say I knew nothing.

I called TheMasterOfTheUniverse after I read the pages they sent.
I wanted to play 20 questions, but he was actually working.
So when he arrived home after bossing a bunch of people around all day another exhausting day, I said hmmm
Here’s Daddy’s records..
What do all of these military things mean?

So we spent several hours looking up ships, and dates, and
I came to the realization, there were allot of boats in the USN
During WW2
And not all of them have a web site.

I intend to keep reading and researching.

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