A No Name Kitten Needs Help…..

Posted by pet | Critters, Life | Thursday 29 June 2006 2:06 pm

There are times when you do something.. make a snap decision for instance..
and wonder why did I do that…

It’s so easy to just walk away, look away, not to see…

there is a blogger name of Malcolm..who had a recent opportunity
to make a life and death decision.

About a kitten that was hit by a car..not his kitten by the way, a stray
mommas baby.

He made a decision that this small kitten was gonna live..

Now listen.. this guy saved a kitten and incured a big bill…

The clinic is doing as much for free as is possible..
But..he could use some help..

TheMasterOfTheUniverse dropped by there last night and dropped some change..

It would be a blessing for the person name of Malcolm who did the right thing,
for the right reason to get some help.

Please drop by, read the events..
and help them out..
also do vote for a name.. poor baby kitten is being called no name..

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Showcase Carnival

Posted by pet | Carnivals | Thursday 29 June 2006 10:29 am

Great excuses are hard to come up with!
So..I’ll try this one!

It is Tiggers fault..He forgot till this very moment that we.. err he was hosting the showcase carnival on Monday..He’s a disgrace!

So with very abject and humble apologies..

Here is the line up for the showcase carnival! Which is to feature blogs that are 3 months or less old.. There is some leeway of course!

It is of course a eclectic group of interest and writers as always!!

wan at Counting My Gain from the Net shares motive
Shares at look at personal motivation!

Rob Harrington at Controlled Chaos tells us about Drunk Driving Personally I don’t care if you ever read ANY thing else!
This is a must read..

Ian from myquo.com shares some interesting facts with us about childcare costs!

Victor Fam at Towards Better Lifegives usThe Mindset for Saving Something I need to learn!

Moving from cash to cars…

Jody DeVere presents Deborah Renshaw Podcast Interview posted at Ask Patty - Automotive Advice for Women.

This one is going to be good!
Very much anonymous presents First Post posted at Blog Critic.

All right is was not Tigger’s fault..It was my fault!


Next weeks carnival can be found at Daves Not Here
Last weeks carnival was hosted by ogres politics and views

For submission information on the New Blog Showcase
Carnival please visit the Showcase Carnival home at

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