Jun 29 2006

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A No Name Kitten Needs Help…..

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There are times when you do something.. make a snap decision for instance..
and wonder why did I do that…

It’s so easy to just walk away, look away, not to see…

there is a blogger name of Malcolm..who had a recent opportunity
to make a life and death decision.

About a kitten that was hit by a car..not his kitten by the way, a stray
mommas baby.

He made a decision that this small kitten was gonna live..

Now listen.. this guy saved a kitten and incured a big bill…

The clinic is doing as much for free as is possible..
But..he could use some help..

TheMasterOfTheUniverse dropped by there last night and dropped some change..

It would be a blessing for the person name of Malcolm who did the right thing,
for the right reason to get some help.

Please drop by, read the events..
and help them out..
also do vote for a name.. poor baby kitten is being called no name..

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