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Jun 19 2006


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Since I’m a sucker for puns..
And it is punny Monday..
at BlogginOutloud

cause really
Detecting a platter of puns can take thyme ore effrontery

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Jun 19 2006

A Brisk Saunter

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When TheMasterOfTheUniverse left early this morning,off I went..
Now the walk is a 4 mile walk, which I was not at all sure I was up to..
since I have been such a crybaby with no walking partner..

Gracie is doing ok..she has 3 more months of chemo..
and she really has an amazing attitude!

Anyway, the walk out was brisk, Well as brisk as is possible..considering it was 86 degrees and 4000percent humidity..
the walk back was a saunter sort of…
a new way home and no time frame to get there.
I did meet a nice pair of mules on my way home.

I suspect that in my pockets tomorrow morning will be a few carrots since the owner mentioned several times that they dearly love them.
The mules do I mean, not the owner. Well the owner might also but I reckon the mules wont share..

Imagine my suprise to see that my friend the RandomYak highly recommends sauntering..
He says ” Whether or not you think you have time.
So get out there and saunter about a little. If anyone asks you why, tell ‘em The Yak sent you.”

For a good laugh go read the rest!

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Jun 19 2006

How would American Soldiers be captured in the ‘triangle of death’ in Iraq?

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It’s a damn shame this article written by Beth at bluestarchronicles isnt being picked up everywhere!
Reprint from Blue Star Chronicles.

How would American Soldiers be captured in the ‘triangle of death’ in Iraq?

It’s something to think about. We need to seriously think about it. It’s a microcosm of why the Battle of Iraq is not further along. It’s also a microcosm of the social revolution going on in our country right now.

Our military is far superior to any other in the world at this time. Yet, after all this time, they are still vulnerable in a country that has been the current battleground in the Global War on Terror for a few years now.

It is my belief that it is because the military has it’s hands tied by political wrangling.

When Marines are in SHACKLES and MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON because some Iraqi said they MIGHT have shot a guy who MAY OR MAY NOT have been a combatant, I would think it would cause a little pause on the part of our Soldiers.

When a UNITED STATES CONGRESSMAN will announce to the INTERNATIONAL PRESS that Marines killed innocents ‘in cold blood’, and those Marines are identified and put under public scrutiny and have to hire attorneys and their CHARACTER IS QUESTIONED IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD, I would think it would cause our Soldiers pause.

When the press hops on these stories and expresses more outrage at the white gloved, pampered treatment of PRISONERS OF WAR at Gitmo than at the treatment of OUR OWN SOLDIERS AND MARINES at the hands of our enemy AND at the hands of those who try to APPEASE OUR OWN MEDIA, I would think it would cause the Soldiers pause.

When the UNITED STATES MEDIA puts more value on some pampered spoiled celebrity who has contributed NOTHING to the world and who’s only claim to fame is being born wealthy and running around exposing herself then they do to a true hero who wins a Navy Cross or Metal of Honor by showing a willingness to sacrifice his life to save others. It clearly sends the message that our society’s values are skewed. I would think it would cause our Soldiers pause.

When a Soldier or Marine has to HESITATE for fear he’ll be court marshaled or have his name and career ruined by being dragged through the nasty mud oozing from the MSM, he is endangered.

Under these rules of engagement every Marine that fought in World War II or Vietnam would have been tried for war crimes! That’s our fathers, people. The left really loves to insult our military men, but remember these military men/women are our fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, children. They are us. Whether you like it or not.

When we have not been able to CLEAR OUT ANY Triangles of Death throughout that country for fear of the way the MSM will spin it and demonize the military, it endangers all of our Soldiers. It should be so safe there a family could PICNIC in the ‘Triangle of Death’ - aside from any residual radiation that is.

Today, with Soldiers missing and Marines in prison for DOING THEIR JOBS, we have MSM still declaring a big conspiracy to harm PRISONERS OF WAR at Gitmo.

I say release the prisoners from Gitmo and give them housing next door to the editor of the New York Times and in Hollywood. Make sure they have their korans and their prayer rugs.


I say CARPET BOMB the ‘Triangle of Death’ and any other area that is known to harbor terrorists. Then when the insurgents start making accusations and complain that somebody got killed, reply by saying, ‘YEAH … AND…. there’s more where that came from, WUS’

Let loose the dogs of war and THIS battle will be over before we can blink our eyes. And the rest of the little muslims will get awfully cooperative.

We can easily beat the terrorists. But can we prevail over the enemy within our own borders? The propaganda machine that equates our military with their hatred for President Bush? The EXTREMELY WEALTHY, ‘INTELLECTUAL’ class that is willing to lose a war because they believe winning it validates a President they hate?

Cowards, seditionists and traitors. THEY are the enemy and they are getting our Soldiers killed.

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