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Jun 07 2006

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We can’t just remove people from the country, says Bush on immigration

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I watched President Bush and his photo-op on the southern border
today. I was drop-jawed at his comment, “… we can’t just remove
people from the country”. No one is suggesting that tomorrow we try
to deport somewhere between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens to their
native country. But to say we ‘can’t remove’ people from this country
is just stupid. We do it every day, by the bus load and also by the
plane load, at a cost of $600.00 per individual (Fox News Channel).

Be sure, we can remove anybody we want from this country if they break
our laws. Those of us who simply want to enforce the laws we already
have and pass a border security bill, are sometimes referred to as; racist, like
some have called Lou Dobbs

Immigration is not a ‘party-line’ debate. Democrats and
Republicans are siding against other Democrats and Republicans
many of the issues, while some Hispanic Americans want to make
immigration easier and others want to deport unauthorized immigrants.

Too Little - Too Late

Bush’s response to our border issue is too little, too
late. Todays visit down to the borders is just a distraction from the
fact he, as Presidents past allowed our borders to be used as a
revolving door for illegal immigrants, the MS-13 gang, which has ties
to Al-Qaida and many more criminals that should never have been
allowed to enter into the United States. …

As things stand now with our border issues, with that back door having
been left open for much too long we face yet another September 11
style catastrophe. Will it happen soon, God only knows, but it will
happen and Bush and the previous Presidents, including our current
political slime will have blood on their hands. Why? Just for a vote
and serving ones own political aspirations over the wishes and will of
the people - over the greater good for our nation’s security. All for
their own day of glory at the poll boxes. Too little - too late.
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