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Jun 24 2006

Criticize This

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I don’t think there is much of anything in the middle east to think of as civilized or humane…… Pretty much all of the leaders, have kowtowed to the isloscum, (as if they ever had a humane thought to start with). Continue Reading »

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Jun 24 2006

Evil Ones Rejoice.

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Once upon a time
There was a land called the United States of America.
It was a land who understood the concept of right and wrong.
It was a land that embraced freedom.
It was a land where media reported the news.
It was a land that respected its government.
It was a land where parents had the right and obligation to teach and correct their children.
It was a land where its defenders followed orders
It was a land whose people were willing to give all, so that others could enjoy those same freedoms.

Then Evil entered the land.
The land was horrified by a brutal and murderous attack.
The land became divided and angry.
Soon the attack was forgotten by some, who thought that freedom came free.
They forgot the honorable blood that had paid for their freedom.

Sons and daughters of the land were sent far away to combat the Evil Enemy Land.
But because the Evil land was under control of wickedness, their hands were tied.
They were told to treat the Evil enemy with gentleness, to be kind to the evil enemy.

Some of them died. Some were terribly hurt.
But they kept trying to combat the Evil Enemy Land because they are sons and daughters of the land.
They know right from wrong. They have honor.
Some were taken and tortured, then brutally murdered.

Back in the land some reporters were taken captive by the evil.
They choose to give the Lands secrets to the evil enemy.
They choose again to betray the Land that had cared for them.

The land mourned and wept for the sons and daughters killed by these traitors.

The Evil ones rejoiced.

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