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Jun 06 2006

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TheMasterOfTheUniverse’s momma collapsed and was admitted into intensive care in brooksville.
Tests are being run to determine what happened..
In the meantime, shes pretty darn sick..

She certainly can use your prayers and good
thoughts in the next few days, and I will update you as I know more.


Thursday, June 8th..
Momma is scheduled for heart surgery at University Hosp in Tampa this afternoon..she was moved by ambulance last night.
Continue to pray for her and our family please!


Friday June 9th.
The surgery was delayed until today
there were 4 people before Momma, and there was a problem somewhere.
We returned home about midnight and TheMasterOfTheUniverse was off to work
at 430am
We will be driving back to Tampa at noon..
Momma is stable.. well..
Prayers are appreciated!
Surgery is today.. God Willing at 4pm..

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Jun 06 2006

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Not About Race

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This is a rant, pure and simple.
If you’re not in the mood come back tomorrow!

I have as yawl know, been following the death of Martin Lee Anderson for months,
I have emailed, called, faxed and even tried telepathy to get the truth..

Umm yes the telepathy part I made up.

This morning while wandering around the news, I came across a forum.
In the discussion, this kids mom, and family were insulted,
Martin was convicted of being a gang member,
And somehow..
Some Freaking how..

This has become an issue about race

This is not about race!
This is about a facility run by the state of Florida,
That willfully mistreated a 14 yr old kid
Willfully denied him medical treatment.
Willfully attempted to cover up the facts in the case
Willfully spread lies about the kid
Willfully has refused to make charges.

Frankly I don’t care if Martian Anderson was black, orange, green or purple, or white.
I don’t care if he was a junkie gang member.
Because it does not matter.

I do care that justice is done, and that the truth is told.
That those who were accountable for the well being of each kid in these camps
Are held accountable.

I am starting to wonder…………….

The Liberal Wrong
Tor’s Rants
Freedom Watch

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