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Aug 11 2006

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That Yak

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Our Friend The fuzzy one, you know that Yak.. is gonna take over
host the blog here in the garden while Im away.. for a few days..
Please feel free to
a. Visit the Yak”s to get to know them before I have surgery..
b. Yaks are known for being attention mongering self-aggrandizing shamelessly self-promoting genuinely Yaks are good friends.
I appreciate the Yak’s filling in while Im gone..
Don’t Forget The Heat of the Summer carnival!

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Aug 11 2006

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It’s A Summer Carnival

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!Come One Come All

It’s time to visit the Summer Carnival!

With so much heat baking most of the northern hemisphere, Phil, Pet, and I decided to cool things down a bit . Blog Carnivals are a wonderful treat here on 100Bloggers, and this one will be no different, even though there are a few twists. “What twists,” you ask? How about three categories for the Carnival, you voting for your favorites and prizes for the winners!

This carnival is all about YOU! YOU! will submit nominations for each category. Once all nominations are submitted,YOU! will vote on your favorites, and YOU! will win the prizes, if your entry wins the vote.



  1. Contest entries will be hosted on Pet, Phil, and Larry’s websites
  2. Nominations are open to everyone
  3. Entries can be your own or someone else’s
  4. Entries can be 100Bloggers members, but it’s not required
  5. Entries will be cross-posted on 100Bloggers
  6. Nomination deadline is August 26th 12:00 P.M. (noon)
  7. YOU! will choose the Winners. Voting will begin August 27th and end September 2nd 12:00 P.M.
  8. Winners will be awarded cool prizes!
  9. Winner announcements are final and no whining is allowed
  10. Keep it clean and come out writing
  11. This contest is the sole responsibility of Phil, Pet and Larry and in no way reflects the views or endorsement of 100Bloggers, Troy Worman, or any future assigns or responsible parties. The opinions expressed are solely ours, but you can borrow them if you like.


Go look at your articles and those of the people you read and discover an article that meets one of the categories and email the URL or the post to the category host. The complete article will be posted on the host website and cross-posted on 100Bloggers (posts must have complete original website information). As you read all the entries, decide which is your favorite in each category and go to the host website to vote. You can vote in all the contests (and if savvy enough, more than once). You are encouraged to pump it up” on your websites creating heat! Then when the voting starts, solicit like crazy. Votes can be begged, bought or stolen, your call.


  • pet(at)
  • philgerb(at)
  • larry.hendrick(at)


Beautiful Print Artwork
by Pet Campbell

Beautiful Print Artwork by Pet Campbell

by Phil Gerbyshak


  1. Have fun
  2. Be creative
  3. Think outside the box
  4. Competition is great for the heart
  5. Watch your cholesterol
  6. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!

Questions or comments can be left in the comments of this post or submitted to any of the hosts of the Carnival through their websites. Now let’s get out there and write!

A special Invitation to Lyn Perry And The Random Yak to Join in!

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Aug 11 2006

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America Threatened Again

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Did we forget..
Have we become so hardened that we feel these
threats are a over reaction..

I got this in my mail this morning..

TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I have not forgotten.

The threats are real.
The extremists are serious..

You want to complain about being inconvienced?
try being dead..

We salute our President and the many heroes defending our freedom daily.

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