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Aug 28 2006

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Have you ever aquired a new sibling late in life..
i mean found out they are ok?

You wonder where they have been..
My Sister Karen,
is one such..

I love her.. we laugh and giggle together..
She sent a picnic basket with goodies for the hurricane..

My question is do I have to wait?

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Aug 28 2006

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Life Is…

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I have some darn good friends..

Charlie worked for me for years on the ranch ..
A no nonsense person, if its froze thaw it, if its broke fix it.
kinda person..
If it’s your calf check.. get your ass out there and check the calves..

kept me on the straight and narrow for many years..

Charlie’s wife called this am.. how are ya?
So I told her.. she was appalled..
She said you needa come home..
I said no Ill heal here.. be fine..
She asked if they had worked on my brain as well.. I said no..
she said well good she had been afraid of a lobotomy..
Ummm smart asses.. that I love

Friends I cherish.. even IF I cant wack emm..

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