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Aug 24 2006

The Random Yak

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Reasons to Recover Quickly

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John (aka TMOTU) has informed us that Pet is not a good patient (yes, I’m going to milk that for all it’s worth). In the interest of helping her recovery, I thought I’d offer up a Thursday 13 on her behalf. And so, here is Pet’s Thursday Thirteen:

Thirteen Reasons Pet Should Recover Quickly

1. Twenty two million bloggers can’t be wrong. (OK, I may not have actually talked with all 22 million, but I’m sure they’d all agree she should get back soon. For those of you demanding total accuracy, the unReuterized version would read: “Two bloggers can’t be wrong.”)

2. Yaks grind confetti so far into the carpet it takes years to vaccuum out. (Unless the Bengals eat it first, in which case she’s in for a different kind of cleaning.)

3. Tigger needs more snacks than TMOTU is willing to hand out. (This message brought to you by the Feed Tigger NOW Committee.)

4. The dog is tired of washing all the dishes. (His tongue needs a rest…)

5. Painkillers are helpful in recovery - and sometimes fun - but stop taking them soon, because the things you say on them come back to haunt you. (Don’t make me tell you about the unicorn.)

6. We’ve almost finished nailing all the furniture to the ceiling, someone flushed a fuzzy cat-toy down the toilet and there’s a pizza-turned-science experiment in the kitchen that no one else is willing to touch. (In other words…someone better get in here and clean up the mess I’ve made.)

7. My roses aren’t blooming, so I can’t put up photos to keep the troops entertained. (Also, no one has bought me the new digital camera I asked for.)

8. Tigger definitely needs more snacks. He’s lying alone, pathetically limp and half-starved, in the middle of the floor. (This message brought to you by the Feed Tigger NOW and WHERE is my Mother Committee.)

9. The animals need equal time in the bed. (Before, you had your hours and they had their hours. Now you’re using THEIR hours as well as your own.)

10. The 100 Bloggers don’t want to get sued for false advertising. (100 -1….)

11. Yaks bore easily, and lately there’s been no new content on this blog. (I keep clicking my favorites link and coming over, but somehow, everything looks surprisingly familiar…)

12. In case I forgot to mention, Tigger needs snacks. The tasty ones. Now. This is really getting quite out of hand and it passed unacceptable some time ago. Someone’s going to get bitten when they get home. (This message brought to you by the I’ve Had it With This Lack of Snacks and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore Committee.)

13. Her friends, fans and loved ones are waiting to hear her say she’s okay, and it’s not polite to keep your fans waiting. (Friends and loved ones should just get used to it.)

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Aug 24 2006

The Random Yak

Thursday Morning Update

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(Okay, it’s not quite morning, but I’ve been busy so I’m pretending.)

Good News!

Pet’s husband John (better known, at least to some, as TMOTU) posted a comment on my side of the mountain this morning to let us know that “Pet is not a good patient.”

We take this as an excellent sign.

I know from personal experience that the cranky patient is most often the recovering one. (The Yaks use the SGMI - Standard Grumpiness Monitoring Index - to determine relative recovery. Within accepted tolerances, the higher the reading the better a recovery is going. Hint to the wise: it doesn’t just work on the injured.)

It appears John may even have the opportunity to move his cranky patient home this afternoon. My thanks (and Pet’s) for continuing prayers and best wishes for her speedy recovery.

I have informed John that wild parties and Yak guestblogging will continue at Pet’s Garden Blog until I see her first new post on the page, which is of course the best encouragement and incentive anyone could receive to get well soon.

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