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Aug 10 2006

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thirteen things..

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About Ranching in Montana:

1. If your a woman on a ranch, you will pull all the calves that don’t birth easily.
2. hands freeze to calf chains at 30 below zero.
3. Silk insulates your face from freezing at 30 below zero.
4. Cowboys cannot tell time, thus you do their calf check at 1 am
5. If you don’t sparkle,after 75 days of calving in the winter in Montana, people notice and complain.
6. If you go into a bar off a horse, be ready to dance.
7. If a cowboy wants to discuss ranch rights, leave because , a fight will follow.
8. If you are in the middle of a fight with them ol cowboys, hubby’s gonna kick yer horse and dog into next week, guaranteed to accelerate the fight.Stand back and laugh.
9. Make sure your hubby is there. Them cowboys get faunchy.
10. Explain the word faunchy. Geez havent you ever ridden a bad horse?.. faunchy..
dance,buck,bite, otherwise discourage riders.
11. If staying at cowcamp, get firewood early .
12. If moving heifers, take a TRAINED dog, not your favorite pup.
13. Hang your saddle high to dry, or can you say grizzle bears are us?.
you can blame this bit of info on the Random yak, and Lyn Perry

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Aug 10 2006

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At 2 am last night, a weird high keening cry was heard from BuddyTheDog,
I woke up looking around for the noise, sleepyeyed and couldent figure out what
the problem was, BuddyTheDog could not get up, and had to go potty,
I woke TheMasterOfTheUniverse, who lifted him and carried him out to the lawn,
after several tries, BuddyTheDog got to his feet, we think the tumor is growing
much more rapidly than expected.

TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I are sick at heart for this wonderful loving animal.
A decision will have to be made today.

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