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Aug 25 2006

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Heat Of Summer Update

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While I was lazing around the hospital, another entry came in for the
100bloggers silly but fun category!

There are Currently 5 entries
Thanks Steve !

An Old Woman’s Daydream

The Platypus Society

Nooner’s Comedy Corner

The Random Yak


Nominations close tommorrow.. Be sure to get your nominations in!

Phil Gerbyshak will host “Most Inspiring/Inspirational”
Larry Hendrick will host “Best Use of Colorful Adjectives”

Contest entries will be hosted on Pet, Phil, and Larry’s websites
Nominations are open to everyone
Entries can be your own or someone else’s
Entries can be 100Bloggers members, but it’s not required
Entries will be cross-posted on 100Bloggers
Nomination deadline is August 26th 12:00 P.M. (noon)
YOU! will choose the Winners. Voting will begin August 27th and end September 2nd 12:00 P.M.
Winners will be awarded cool prizes!
Winner announcements are final and no whining is allowed
Keep it clean and come out writing
This contest is the sole responsibility of Phil, Pet and Larry and in no way reflects the views or endorsement of 100Bloggers, Troy Worman, or any future assigns or responsible parties. The opinions expressed are solely ours, but you can borrow them if you like.

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Aug 25 2006

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Happy Friday!

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I’m so glad to be home! And I owe a Hugh thankyou to our furry and wonderful friend The Random Yak!

Tigger is glad that I’m home, and that I didn’t forget where the snack cat pantry is..
BlackJackTheBlackLab is glad I’m home because he doesnt hear lay down 199 times a day…
MissSnot said.. Oh you went somewhere?

And I was amazed to learn that despite his whining and sniveling protests that he wouldn’t be able to check in with The Yaks side of the mountain, TheMasterOfTheUniverse did manage to leave a update.

The surgery went well, I am delighted to report.

I was not the best patient ever admitted to Ocala regional hosp however.

I asked questions politely, then I asked again, then well the Director of nursing
discovered that she actually had the answers..

All in all Im thankful for the surgeons skilled hands, the blessings of a mostly wonderful nursing staff, and most of all..

Im very thankful for all of your prayers!

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