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Aug 13 2006

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Good Bye BuddyTheDog

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BuddyTheDog said with brown eyes that didn’t quite look up.
I’m a good boy, I never did anything wrong on purpose.
My heart will encompass yours; we will be best friends, if you let me.
I can love you all. I have room in my heart for love.

Please don’t hurt me again, like those others did.
I don’t like being afraid.
I will lick your hand as it comes to me.
I will protect you. I will love you
I simply want to be your friend.
Show me what I need to know.

You talk to me, and I listen.
Suddenly I’m not afraid to talk, now
You can’t shut me up.
I am now the keeper of the house, the one you trust to keep watch.

I am your most excellent boy now.
I always was a good boy.
Now I am yours.
We play, that boy likes me.
TheMasterOfTheUniverse wrestles well.
I love you all.
Here let me kiss you; lay my head on your lap.

What’s wrong, time has gone so quickly, I cry,
because I’m confused now.

Why do you cry, to say goodbye?
Please don’t cry, I had a good life with you.
You loved me, and I loved you.
I was safe and loved, say goodbye now.

The pain is too bad.

Love me enough to let me go.
I will be on watch
In Heaven, waiting for you all.

We will ALWAYS Love and Remember you in our HeartsBuddyTheDog.
May you be re-united with your Beloved “B.J.”, and Rejoice Forever.

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