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Dec 01 2007

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FESTIVAL OF CHAOS Twenty First Edition..Maybe

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It’s always something..and today its loud and well loud…

Get ready, get set. Sing it out boys….

bad kitties, bad kitties whatcha gonna do…..
bad kitties, bad kitties whatcha gonna do….
when they come for you????????????????????

Click on photo for full size image.

The Brats are just howling like crazy practicing for tomorrows edition of
The Festival Of Chaos… Submission forms are here.
Optional Theme - Mittens Or Socks.Tigger is still trying to figure out why he would want socks..

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The Carnival of The Cats is hosted by This that and the other thingGet your entries in!

And do be sure to stop by Bad Kitties to encourage Megan and all the kitties.

Hugh purrs and scritches to Kashim and Othello for their wonderful graphics!

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